Do You HAVE To Wear Day Clothes, Baby?

So with baby #2, we’ve been a bit more lax with clothes. As in, I kind of could care less if she’s wearing a cute outfit, let alone a matching one. (In fact I’ve enjoyed, in a way, channeling my inner Mondo Guerra and putting Baby in print-on-print outfits.)

We’ve actually – gasp – let her wear her pajamas two nights in a row if they’re clean. Unheard of, right?!

Is that strange? Does anyone else do that? I mean, I wear my clothes twice if they stay clean, so why can’t my child?

Similarly, why does she have to wear a onesie and pants during the day? Why not just wear another pair of pajamas? They’re certainly easier to clothe her in (helllllllo zipper!), they’re quick for doing diaper changes, and she can move easily in them. And they’re usually freaking cute anyways.

Do I care if she’s wearing an actual outfit versus pajamas? Not really. Do other people care?

Not my problem!

However, now Baby is 10.5mo – and she’s old enough that she actually should wear day clothes, and even shirts soon instead of onesies. But I really, really wish when she was 0-9 months old I’d have just put her in zip-up Pjs all the dang day long. Would’ve made this mom’s life about six times easier.

#parentingfail #dontmakemymistake


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