Babies + Pastina = Uno Grande Mess!

I’m a bit late in posting this, since Baby is now over 10mo, but this is just too much to let pass unmentioned.

So I recognize there’s a lot of debate over when to start feeding your baby and what foods. I’m not going there. Just going to tell a story and tell you what I will not be doing again. 

dscf5651Baby’s pediatrician recommended for both babies as one of their first foods to feed them pastina, that tiny star-shaped pasta that tends to stick together … but is truly a great size and shape for wee ones. Good idea in theory, as it’s something a baby can rake with their chubby paws across their high chair tray. Maybe one star in twenty will make it past their lips.

Yes, good in theory … poor in execution! That f*&%ing pastina GOT EVERYWHERE! Everywhere but baby’s mouth, that is. And she did not enjoy the experience (experiences, as we tried a few times before coming to our senses and buying Gerber puff stars like every other smart parent in the US).

Those teensy weensy, sticky stars were stuck on her cheeks, in her chin crease, the backs of her hands, her hair (ugh), all over her bib, across her tray, and sprinkled on the floor. What a mess … for nothing!

Never again, pastina, never again….



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