At 3, She Already Has an Imaginary Friend

We’re big friends of Sofia the First around here, and in particular Toddler has a thing about Cedric the Royal Sorcerer. I don’t mean she loves him, but she always talking about him. It’s kind of creepy, kind of annoying.

It’s Cedric this, Cedric that … “Ceeeeedric” as she’s pooping on the potty (literally – it’s borderline disturbing)….


But the real kicker is when she talks about Cedric as if he’s living her life.

When we ask Toddler to stop playing and go to the bathroom because it’s time to pee, she says, “Cedric doesn’t have to pee.”

When we ask her to be careful with her water cup when she spilled her water, she says, “Cedric spilled his water!”

When we ask her if she would like a special treat, for example ice cream, she’ll say, “Cedric doesn’t want any ice cream!”

Uh-huh. What kid doesn’t like ice cream? Mint chocolate chip ice cream?! We’ve finally – finally – learned that when she talks about Cedric, two things are true: A) The opposite of what she says is actually true, and B) Cedric is a sort of imaginary friend to her.

At three years old, I really didn’t think she’d have an imaginary friend yet. But wow, what an imagination she has! And also a propensity to blame someone else when she does something wrong! (Or doesn’t want to do something, such as stop playing to visit the potty!)

Does your child have an imaginary friend? Tell me what they do!!


8 thoughts on “At 3, She Already Has an Imaginary Friend

  1. Do I hear Tiny Mommy out there? She did everything that was trouble! Or is she wanted something, Tiny Mommy needed it baddddly! Tinny Mommy never wanted to go to bed, at least until multiple stories were read…oh it went on and on. I asked if Tiny Mommy ever told her what to do or if she did something not good, and she was always good for her! This went on forever…years! At least you have a picture of what Cedric looks like!

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