Sweet Memories Friday: Back When Things Were Just … Easier

People told me that having two kids would be hard, and some even warned me that some things actually – magically – would more than double, such as laundry. I anticipated the usual troubles, such as breastfeeding a baby with a toddler running amok in the house or trying to sync their naps.

I didn’t anticipate everyday things being more difficult, however, or just not having time to do much. It seems that either Baby is napping, someone needs to be fed (thankfully Baby’s and Toddler’s meals are at the same time – life would be impossible if I didn’t make that happen), someone needs a diaper change, someone needs to go to the potty, we need to brush someone’s teeth, we can’t find the Sofia doll and have to find her or the world just might end, etc. etc.

It’s exhausting.

There’s also just the extra pain of having to haul two kids around – two kids and their stuff. Going to the grocery store used to be pretty easy with just a toddler (especially when she wore a diaper and didn’t need to use the potty when we’re at the opposite end of the store and 97% done shopping), for example.

It’s a real stretch now to visit two stores in one outing, like the grocery store and Target. Either Baby starts to get fussy or there’s simply not enough time before we need to get back home to make dinner. And forget about a “quick stop” into a store for one or two things! Hauling both kids out of their carseats and across a parking lot for such a short trip … no way!

Maybe I’m overly griping; maybe it’s just been that kind of a week. But sometimes I really long for the days when it was just me and Toddler. Most of the time I can handle two kids and prefer it to just one, but when we’re out and about … wow, that’s when I really feel the difference of one versus two.

And I realize what a long gone, sweet memory those times with just Toddler were. It was “the simple life,” to quote one of her favorite Sofia the First episodes.


6 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: Back When Things Were Just … Easier

  1. ((hugs)) It can be so rough juggling everyone’s needs. And the level of roughness (ha!) definitely varies depending on the number of kids, their age spacing, and their personalities/needs. 😛 I’m finding going from three to four to be MUCH harder than ever before. I try to be positive but some days I wallow in the difficulty of it all, lol.

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    • Thank you for the understanding! But I am currently pulling my butt off the floor and bowing down to you …. Four kids?! How are you surviving?!?! Literally, how are you alive still and not taken over by your littles? Wow and congrats! Sometimes we joke that it’s a good day if the kids are still alive by the end of it, but man… Good thing there are fellow moms to commiserate with! 😀


      • Who says I haven’t been taken over! I HAVE!! lol The one thing that keeps things from spinning completely out of control is their age differences. I have two teens and then a five year old and a baby, so their needs are all quite different. In some ways that actually makes it harder, but at least there’s variety! Ha

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  2. I hear ya!! My children are now 8 & 5 and I still sometimes sit and countdown the seconds to bedtime!!! Our struggles are now things like: which child will finish telling their story first…… which begins with one interrupting the other and usually ends with a fight …. oh and a stressed mama trying to process all the babbled info she’s just heard and trying to break up round 1!

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