The Truth About When Your Kid Wakes at Night

When your baby wakes you up in the middle of the night – or the beginning, or the end of the night – it’s never good. You’re up, she’s up, and no one’s happy; at least one person is crying (okay, it’s always just the baby … instead of crying I’m usually swearing).

It sucks.

I’m thankful that Baby has slept through the night since about 2.5m (miracle! Shocker! With no sleep training, either!), but since she started teething she’s woken up a few times at night. A recent cold has also caused her to wake up at all hours of the night, too, thanks to a stuffy nose.

So I compiled a little list of what REALLY goes on at night – besides the rocking, shushing, nursing, occasional pain relief medicine giving, and back patting.


  1. It’s never at a convenient time. You might think if Baby wakes up just an hour after you fell asleep that it wouldn’t be that bad, but you’re incredibly groggy then. Maybe you think the very middle of your sleep night wouldn’t be too bad, because at least you’ve had some hours of rest, but you wake up just wanting the whole night’s sleep (and you’re pretty damn disoriented … “it’s what time?!”). Or perhaps you figure an hour before you usually wake up isn’t too bad, but it’s really just like that cruel alarm clock you set that time you had to catch a 6am flight and then later really regretted it (although that’s probably the best of the three for Baby to wake up … at least you got most of your sleep).
  2. Like your baby, you will wake up hungry … only you don’t have a nice warm stream of milk to drink like Baby does. You just have to sit there and nurse/rock/shush Baby while your stomach rumbles – hopefully not waking baby once she’s about to drift off to sleep – and then you have to go back to bed sans snack. Sucks to be you, mama.
  3. You can try to ninja out of Baby’s room, but inevitably your sweatshirt zipper will smack against the crib as you stand up from laying baby down… or you’ll forget where the squeaky board is on the floor (because it’s pitch black and you can’t see a damn thing) … or your bad knee will crack loudly as you pivot away from her crib. Cue stirring, then crying baby. Back to square one!
  4. Once you think you’re in the clear and on your way back downstairs to your toasty bed, with your foot you’ll nick the maracas you left earlier at the top of the stairs but forgot to bring down. Or maybe it was your version of a burgler alert. Either way, you’ve just made some great sounding noise. Let’s hope Baby didn’t hear that.
  5. Once you finally get to your bedroom – forty-five minutes or two hours later, who knows – your spouse will have pulled the comforter completely over to his side when you return to bed. Welcome back, mama!

Any I missed, mamas?!


4 thoughts on “The Truth About When Your Kid Wakes at Night

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