Baby-proofing: Who Is It For?!

Raise your hand if you baby-proofed your house, especially once your child started crawling or walking. And opening every drawer. And approaching every electrical outlet with outstretched fingers. Kind of essential, right? The whole protection thing?

Yes, it protects the children … and guess what? It also protects adults … from plugging things in, moving smoothly, and opening doors quickly and easily. Baby-proofed, adult-proofed … our home is one safe abode!


Wait – where’s the outlet cover?

Yeah, we’ve taken a few outlet covers off because we need to … plug things in! Naturally. And then typically we unplug our device and someone (ahem) forgets to put the cover back on. Whoops. Not so protected!


Sticky corners!

No more head bumps! These rubber guards are also excellent at catching mommy hips and even sweaters when rushing to and fro. Very good, very good….

Also, safety gates: Baby is now walking, so the gate is now being closed all the time. It’s been open for about two and a half years since Toddler was deemed responsible enough to handle stairs. Let’s see how long it takes for mom and dad to forget to close it. Old habits die hard!

And … child locks on drawers! Baby tries to access a locked drawer maybe once a day. I need to use a drawer several times a day. So … that lock should really be named an adult lock. (But Baby is safe from chemicals!)

My tally: safety products – 4, parent – 0.


6 thoughts on “Baby-proofing: Who Is It For?!

    • Haha! I should do that…. Both my kids like to pull books off the shelves … and they never go back right! My toddler likes to “read” the big books and make up whole stories about what’s going on in them. Usually it has to do with Cedric the Sorcerer…. It’s funny, but I just keep thinking, “Man, I’m gonna have to put those back correctly in half an hour … for the third time today…!”


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