Toddler Talk Tuesdays: “Spreading” Gossip

So we had another conversation about someone pooping somewhere inappropriate … I have a 3yo, so of course we have about two dozen conversations like this daily….

Toddler: “I like when [Baby] poops in my hand!”

Me: “What?! She doesn’t do that!”

Toddler: [Opens her hand.] “Grandma peed in her hand … and then showed it to grandpa J-“

Me: “What?! You’re spreading gossip….”

Toddler: [Pauses. Wipes her opened hand on my shoulder.] “Spread gossip!!!!”

[I laugh.]

Toddler: [Wipes hand again.] “Spread gossip!” [Pauses thoughtfully for several beats.] “Mom, what does gossip mean?”

!!!! So of course I explained gossip … no wiping involved, kiddo….

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