Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah From Us!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I’ll be offline for the next few days enjoying Christmas and Hanukkah, and I hope you and your families will be as well. May Santa and the holiday Maccabee (that’s a Friends joke) be good to you all! Also, thank you for reading and (hopefully) enjoying this blog – I appreciate all the comments and getting to know fellow bloggers and readers!

To spread the holiday joy, I thought I’d share some photos of how the holidays are happening around our house….


Our nativity … laid out by Toddler. Jesus is “sleeping” on the loft. The Wise Men are scattered. The lamb is apparently going to check on Jesus. And there’s a building block – because.


We celebrate Hanukkah here as well, and we’re hosting for the first time this year! Menorah and dreidels are ready. I think we should play for gelt this year….


Last year’s graham cracker gingerbread was … pathetic … so I spent $10 at Bed Bath & Beyond for this cool thing. Toddler had a blast and was so proud of it! And who cares if the snowman has very protuberant buttons that nearly fall off?!


Paper snowflakes. Okay, I made these, not Toddler. I totally intended for this to be a holiday craft for us, but she got frustrated while I was folding the paper and then refused to help me. So … I just had some fun on my own while she played with her Sofia doll. Fine, kid!


I really love our stockings…. I sewed them (don’t look too close!) and love that they’re unique. I feel like there’s some of our personality in each of them.


Even our tree has plenty of pink (gah!) … including my favorite ornament, a pretty ballerina.


There are already presents under the tree … including three that Toddler “wrapped!” The gold bag has a big block and some crumpled Hanukkah paper in it for her baby sister (awww), the blanket has a bag with blocks in it for me apparently, and the old shoebox tied with ribbon has a present in it for my husband, I think. By present, I of course mean an old toy of Toddler’s. Such a cute sentiment, and I like that she “gets” the idea of presents … mostly….

See you next week!

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