A Day Without a Tutu is a Day Wasted …

… says Toddler. I did not start this trend – I never had dress-up tutus as a kid, so it never occurred to me to buy our little girl one – so these tutus are gifts or borrowed, but boy, has it taken over her life. Tutus, tutus, everywhere!

After waking up, a tutu must come on….

wp_20161026_08_32_53_proA tutu over pajamas? A fashion faux pas, you say? In a toddler’s eyes, no way!

More tutus and pajamas! She just can’t stop herself!

A tutu under a dress? Gilding the lily, you say? Not at all!

Pants and a tutu? Yes please, she says!


Need some “glass slippers” with that tutu? But of course!

Let me just say that my dear daughter is not cold and needs a tutu to stay warm (as if layers of tulle are warm…). This girl doesn’t like socks, she “likes feet,” as she says. She likes wearing sleeveless summer dresses in winter (with a tutu). She just loves to dress up, and she loves to dance around the house.

And I’m okay with it. I just have one rule: the tutu is for the house only because a carseat belt cannot safely fit over the tutu. Or … maybe I just say that to her (it’s maybe 50% true) so she doesn’t look ridiculous when we’re out and about, and so the tutus stay clean and can wear better. Mom’s choice.

To my darling toddler, a day without a tutu is just not a good day … so I say keep it up, kiddo! If that’s what floats your boat, okeey dokeey.


8 thoughts on “A Day Without a Tutu is a Day Wasted …

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