Can I Dress You, Please?

Toddler has a fair bit of cute clothes – some new from us and her grandparents, and a fair bit borrowed from generous friends. Usually I can manage to put together a fairly stylish outfit from these two sources.

Okay, I can make it match. Or at least coordinate. It’s good enough, right? It should be; I’m really not trying to impress anyone. I’m just trying not to embarrass my daughter.

Okay, okay … I’m really just trying not to embarrass me!

Everyone knows it’s the parent who dresses the child, and if she goes out the door looking like a color blind hobo, it’s me who’s blamed!



THIS is what she ends up wearing several days of the week! And it’s not my fault because – now that she’s three and a “big girl” now – she wants to – insists – on picking out her own clothes now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that she’s taking ownership of this task and really enjoys choosing clothes and dressing herself, but her temporary inability to match items is beginning to sear my retinas. Think I can suggest something to her and get her to change her mind on any outfit? Ha! This girl is as stubborn as … well, as I am. Haha!

Why do I even bother buying cute clothes for you, cutie pie daughter, if I can’t dress you up in them? You’re taking my fun away, kid!!!

(Needless to say, we’re working on the concept of matching clothes. Anyone else run into this snag?!)

4 thoughts on “Can I Dress You, Please?

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