2016 By the Numbers – Parenting Style

In the spirit of New Year’s Eve and inspired by Darlene’s fun blog Baby Costs Money, where she tracks how much money her family spends on their youngest child to see how it compares to the suggested $245K, I want to review what actually happened here in 2016 – quantitatively.

Image courtesy of forthemamas.com

I changed the equivalent of 31 of these boxes … 31!!

Let me caveat this with saying these are my best approximations, not exact numbers unless it was an obvious or easy calculation.

So, let’s see how I and my 3yo and 11mo spent our time. Hint: it seems a majority of it was spent with a baby at the boob or a dirty diaper being changed. Surprise, surprise! 

And let’s dive in …

3,420 diaper changes

2,610 breastfeeding sessions

912 cups of coffee poured for me

730 cups of milk poured for Toddler

365 times Toddler asked me to help her put on Cinderella Barbie’s dress/shoe (minimum)

360 times I wiped someone else’s poopy butt on the toilet (Toddler’s, not Husband’s)

300 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made

285 times I pumped milk for Baby before I went to bed

150 night wakings from Baby

104 library books borrowed

75 pureed baby food cubes made

49 Baby poop blow-outs

31 requests by Toddler to listen to The Nutcracker Suite (since Dec 18th)

25 night wakings from Toddler

13 potty accidents by Toddler

11 sippy or straw cups used

5 teeth eruptions

5 at least 5-hour-long car trips (with two kids!)

3 car seats used

3 pair of Toddler underwear destroyed and thrown away during potty training

2 strollers used

1 new baby born

1 toddler potty trained

1 tired mom


Holy cow!!! That surprised even me!

So … how do you and your little ones stack up?!



7 thoughts on “2016 By the Numbers – Parenting Style

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