Baby-proofing: Who Is It For?!

Raise your hand if you baby-proofed your house, especially once your child started crawling or walking. And opening every drawer. And approaching every electrical outlet with outstretched fingers. Kind of essential, right? The whole protection thing? Yes, it protects the children ... and guess what? It also protects adults ... from plugging things in, moving … Continue reading Baby-proofing: Who Is It For?!


Sweet Memories Friday: Back When Things Were Just … Easier

People told me that having two kids would be hard, and some even warned me that some things actually - magically - would more than double, such as laundry. I anticipated the usual troubles, such as breastfeeding a baby with a toddler running amok in the house or trying to sync their naps. I didn't … Continue reading Sweet Memories Friday: Back When Things Were Just … Easier