How Our Kids Embarrass Us

I vividly recall one Christmas Day dinner not for the food but for a typical kid comment (I was eight? Nine? Seven?) I made and the ensuing Stern Dad Eyes it earned. I’d needed to pee mid-meal, so I excused myself and went to the bathroom – and when I returned I announced to the table, “I had lotsa bubbles in my tinkies!” In a singsong voice. To everyone.

Very kiddish, very inappropriate. Like most kids, I had no filter.

And I’m pretty sure my cute little toddler is following in mommy’s footsteps.

Yesterday Toddler and I were out shopping on our own, and when we were waiting in line – a quiet line, in fact – she said quite clearly and loudly to me, “Mommy, my butt is itchy.” And she said this as she reached under her skirt and scratched her butt.

So what does a mom do in this situation?! Honestly, I’m beyond caring what other people think of me and my children, but I still kept my eyes down and asked Toddler quietly to stop scratching herself and that we would wipe her clean when we got home.

Pretty much I hear comments like this from her all the time, and I try not to be embarrassed, but it’s hard at times. Usually I just try to laugh and enjoy the moment! Such as when she sings “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” loudly in the grocery store (the whole time!) … or when she talks about lady parts during playgroup. I don’t always try to correct her, except I do tell her some things are inappropriate.

What do you other moms and dads do when your child – so innocently, so sweetly – says or does something embarrassing in public?


3 thoughts on “How Our Kids Embarrass Us

  1. hahaha your posts always make me giggle!! I remember being in the underwear section of a shop once when my son was about 3 …… and he suddenly started grabbing bras by the cups shouting “spotty boobies, stripey boobies …..Mummy look at all these boobies” …. I couldn’t do anything but laugh and quickly take him away from the excitement of the boobie store!!

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