Into the Mind of a Toddler…

This is sort of more appropriate for “Toddler Talk Tuesday,” but honestly – I have almost too much material for that day. Pretty much everything that comes out of Toddler’s mouth would be entertainment for everyone but the Grinch and Scrooge and Maleficent et al.

But I have to share here because it makes me wonder how exactly my toddler thinks. Toddler is over 3 and knows where her bedroom is, her sister’s bedroom, mom and dad’s room, and the guest bedroom. And she also knows the answer to many questions she asks me, to be honest.

So she asked me one day, out of the blue, “Where do you and dad sleep?” And I told her, telling her she knows where the room is. And she followed up with, “Where do grandma and grandma sleep?” My answer: at their house, and I mentioned the states where they live.

Then her hilarious follow-up: “Do they wear pajamas?”

Image via

What I imagine Toddler pictures us adults wearing to bed


I mean, technically I can’t answer this – although I do know my mother wears some great two-piece flannel PJs (sorry mom for spilling the beans) that often have cute patterns like mini sock monkeys (Toddler loves these!). But I played along and said, “Of course they wear pajamas, just like all of us. Everyone wears pajamas to bed.”

I mean, what else was I going to say? Right?!

The thought process was great, though. From where we sleep to where others sleep to what we wear when we sleep…. I like to see where a toddler’s mind wanders to – this is the best entertainment ever!

So please share: what have your toddlers said that really reveals how they think? Or is just plain entertaining? Or stumped you?


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