Moms Love Target – Does It Love Us?

Like most moms, I go to Target a lot. It seems we always need something there – toilet paper because we go through it so fast (since Toddler became potty trained, wow does it make a difference), someone’s vitamins, tissues, coffee (I’m addicted to it, like most moms, and clearly I drink a lot of it), or diapers.

And like most moms, we usually get there mid-morning. And it is PACKED with moms and kids at that time! We could pretty much have a playdate in any aisle. Maybe that’s what we should do – just let the kids play in a toy aisle and come back in half an hour. (I’m sure nothing serious would happen … not!).

Anyway, it is hard enough to go somewhere with two kids (and people have more than two kids?! And take them shopping someplace?!), and we have to figure out where to park, too. Because, as I said, it is busy. And now I have to schlep those two kids halfway across the parking lot….

Can we please, Target, have some spots designated for “Mothers with Infants or Toddlers?”

Babies R Us does it. Buy Buy Baby does it. My grocery store does it. I’m pretty sure those stores want a lot of business from mothers – don’t you, Target?

Oh, wait – to accommodate all those moms shopping at Target, they’d need to set aside a good third of their parking lot.

But maaaaaan, would I appreciate having a short walk while I hold my eighteen pound baby in our arm, carry my heavier mom bag on my other shoulder, and hold my toddler’s hand.

So Target, you tempt us with the cutest clothes (hello Cat & Jack!), super delicious coffee and snacks, and affordable home gizmos and pretty much anything else we need/want/must have … can you seal the deal with primo parking?!

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