Toddler Talk Tuesday: Growing Up!

Here are two exchanges (bonus!) that show just how “well” Toddler is at understanding how she grows. Granted, she’s now connecting eating healthy food with growing big and strong (thank you, Berenstain Bears!). But clearly we have a ways to go:

Toddler: “I want a weed.”
Me: “You grow like a weed!”
Toddler: “I want to grow in the ground like a weed.”

Yes, that’s how it happens, kiddo…. And now for perhaps the funniest exchange ever, partly because it came at the tail end of a temper tantrum and partly because this was her second experience with bacon and definitely picked up fast that yes, bacon really is that awesome:

Me: “Do you want bacon?”
Toddler: “Yeahhh.”
[She stops tantruming.]
Dad: “Does bacon make you feel good?”
Toddler: “Bacon helps me grow!”

(Maybe you just had to be there.)


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