What a Big Sister Should NOT Tell Her Little Sister

So here’s my life now: Toddler is nearing 3.5yo and no longer napping. There will be no reprisal of naps, either. She is done, we are done! (My life is done … just kidding.) But little 11mo Baby? Napping like a rock for 3h total every day.

Toddler is around when I lay Baby down for a nap, of course, usually playing quietly (or so) upstairs while I hold/rock baby alone in her room before laying her in her crib. It’s smooth sailing until …

… I hear small thumps echo closer and closer toward Baby’s closed door – and then in pops Toddler! She’s usually clutching some sort of toy (a Barbie with a dress stuck halfway on or a crayon with a stubborn wrapper) and blabs in an outside voice, “Mom! I need help with —!”


Baby was nice and calm, laying her head on my chest and about to relax in her crib, but at the sound of her sister’s voice in her room she whips her head around and wakes back up at attention.

Thank you, Toddler, for showing your baby sister that life goes on while she naps. That we play while she sleeps. That we have fun while she naps. That you’re awake, too. The jig is up….

Honestly, I live in fear of the day she catches on to that and stops napping just so she doesn’t miss out on the fun. Because who wouldn’t want to play with your big sister?!


6 thoughts on “What a Big Sister Should NOT Tell Her Little Sister

  1. UGH! I know the struggle. I have implemented ‘quiet time’. My 3 1/2 year old understands he needs to go to his room and read books or play with a few small toys very quietly and can’t come out until I come get him. Sometimes he even falls asleep while ‘reading’ to himself.

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