Kids Movies: All Animated?

Why are kids movies (for young kids), for the most part, animated? Why has my kid seen Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Yellow Submarine (not a kid’s movie, I know…) and not Miracle on 34th Street?

Do we think kids can’t handle watching real people yet? Does it make the scenes appear too real? Is it to hold their attention via fast-changing, colorful scenes?

Or would the movies be too ridiculous if we had actors play them out? (Though I’d love to see Tim Gunn act out a non-animated Sofia the First episode!)

I recently talked my husband out of showing The Wizard of Oz to our 3yo because I thought it would be too scary … but I was open to her seeing another non-animated movie. I just couldn’t think of one to show her!

What movies do you show your children? Are there any non-animated movies a 3yo or 4yo would like?


8 thoughts on “Kids Movies: All Animated?

  1. In the animated beauty and the beast, gaston goes around bullying and punching people and throwing books in the mud. At the end of the movie, he is about to stab the beast with a big knife. Sounds pretty violent to me. So what happens in the wizard of oz? So a house falls on the witch so big deal! So Dorothy throws water on the witch and she melts. Big deal


    • Yeah … actually she’s a bit scared of the gaunt guy who runs the insane asylum. But she’s fine with Gaston, amazingly. There’s something about animated violence versus real violence, though. The witch cackles and looks evil … I dunno – it feels different. And online ratings/reviews said to wait until kids are five or so.


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