“She’s a Zombaby!!” Said Toddler

No, we don’t have Toddler watching The Walking Dead with us. (Though I bet Judith would be her favorite character, duh.)

Baby is a good month into this whole walking thing, so she’s pretty steady on her feet. However, she’s still at that adorable baby walking stage where she half looks like a weeble-wobble and half like an old lady shuffling around.

Well, combine the shuffling motion with arms outstretched for balance and the occasional baby grunt and groan and we’ve got … a baby zombie!!!

[Insert terrible .jpg of a zombie with a baby head … nah, I won’t do that to you!]

Baby literally is like a miniature extra from the set of The Walking Dead – and let’s face it, it’s a little funny. We had fun calling her a zombie, but now Toddler has picked it up – and our super hilarious nickname for her, “Zombaby.” Oops!

Zombie or not, seeing a squishy little baby shuffle around a corner and squeak/grunt a hello to you is pretty darn cute!


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