Teething is a Four Letter Word

Do you know any siblings who are about 17 to 20 months apart? I don’t know many – maybe one or two who were planned. And I think I know the answer why….


Yes, that monster that invades your baby around 8 months old and starts waking her up – and you up – in the middle of the night. Your baby has been sleeping through the night, hopefully, for several months now, but then boom … for weeks and months your baby now needs to wake up at 11:30pm, 1:45am, 3:51am, who knows (and it’s never the same time), and cry, fuss, be inconsolable (they are suffering, I know, and I feel terrible for the poor squealing sweetheart!). 

It’s one of those times that really tests a parent. Just when you start to forget what it was like to wake up during the night with a newborn, reality vividly strikes your life again. And again. And … again. You feel even more groggy now than you were when Baby was 1mo because you’ve been living the life of a full night’s sleep for months. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can barely find my glasses on my bedside table at that hour, and the once well-trod path from our door to baby’s is full of unknown creaks and obstacles now. Hurray, teeth!

So while people will debate condoms versus birth control, I offer the trump: a teething baby. That will keep ya from having another one anytime soon….

P.S. I love my baby. I do – more than anything. She’s a squishy, puffy, ball of cuteness that I can’t imagine my life without. But at 3:24am I do love her just a mite less. Just a mite….


3 thoughts on “Teething is a Four Letter Word

  1. LOL, teething isn’t fair. Not fair to the babies or the mamas!
    My six month old just cut her first tooth last week and its neighbor is on the way. And yep, she wakes numerous times throughout the night to nurse. Poor thing.

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    • Ugh, I really feel for you (and her, of course!). It is such a painful part of life – for everyone. I really can’t imagine something cutting a hole through part of my skin – poor babies! I just wish there was some sort of magic potion that will put them to sleep at bedtime and sleep through the night’s pain. Everyone’s happy!!! HAHAHA….


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