Toddler Talk Tuesdays: My Girly Girl!

I am raising a very girly girl, and I’m totally cool with that – she’s adorable and she knows it. She likes dresses, tutus, pretty things, and choosing her own clothes. These exchanges clearly illustrate that!

Me: “Okay, let’s pick out some day clothes for you. It’s cold out today, so grab a shirt and pants.”

Toddler: “Noooo, I want to wear beautiful clothes!” (As she’s opening the drawer where her dresses are…..)

And then another day she was showing her grandma and grandpa some jewelry in her jewelry box (her nice cross she got at her baptism, for example).

Grandparents: “These are nice!”

Toddler: “I only wear these for special occasions … like balls, and dances, and ….”

For the record, she has never been to a ball. I think the fanciest occasion she’s been to is her sister’s baptism. But if there is a big ball held for the prince, this girl will be all ready!



3 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesdays: My Girly Girl!

  1. Having been one of the grandparent there at this scene, she is a total girly girl! And a born ballerina too! Twirls to the music of the Nutcracker all day long, got us humming it all the way home! Just the sweetest ever!

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    • Man, I tell ya – Disney really gets into these girls’ heads…. I do NOT push any of the princess or girly stuff. I’m very much STEM-minded and chill, but my daughter dreams of being Cinderella – dresses and cleaning, to a T. I don’t want to treat her like a princess, though – just normally – but if she wants to play make believe I’ll let her all day long…. 😀

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