How to Survive Your Child’s First Day at Pre-K

Big milestone today: Toddler is beginning preschool! Technically it’s pre-preschool, but we’re ramping up to full-day kindergarten slowly. We’ve been busy for the last week, so I really haven’t had time to process what emotions I’ll have once I’m home with Baby and Toddler is ten miles away at preschool.


I’m sure I’ll miss her. My first baby! Away from me – with someone who’s not a grandparent! But I’m ready and she’s ready to spread her wings a bit and have some helpful social and learning time. Still, I won’t be able to get through the day without a bit of distraction to keep me from getting sad.

I’m also a fair bit nervous that something will go wrong – we’ll be late (I’m pretty good at that – just ask our librarian!), she’ll pee her pants, she’ll get in trouble, or she’ll have a meltdown. It just seems like something is bound to happen.

So what’s my distraction? Humor! Or rather, my twist on the situation….

How to get through your child’s first day at school:

  1. Remember, 2.5 hours isn’t that long – not long enough for my toddler to pee her pants, based on her normal patterns. Let’s hope she waits at least until she’s in first grade to pee her pants like her mama did. I’m not kidding, sadly.
  2. If she really screws up and gets kicked out or embarrasses us a lot, we can always change preschools. There are a lot in the area – trust me, because I was that mom who visited them all before settling on this “perfect” one.
  3. On the bright side, this is one less time during the day you have to help them pee and wash their hands, gently goading them through impatiently gritted teeth to wet, lather, and rinse in less than 4 minutes. High water bill, anyone?!?
  4. If you start to miss that sweet face too much, just think about the possibility of an epic three-nager tantrum in the afternoon. It just might have you start thinking about full-day pre-k.
  5. Again, 2.5 hours isn’t that long. You’ll barely have enough time to get a second kid’s nap in, clean up breakfast, prep lunch, and feed/change the baby. At least, that’s how I see it going down. Barely enough time to think about missing that toddler!
  6. If I don’t see it, it isn’t happening… (i.e. anything embarrassing/improper that the toddler might be doing in school). How’s that for peace of mind?!
  7. If there’s a second kid at home, that one gets all the attention for 2.5 hours. Cue all the fussies and dirty diapers a parent can handle! Talk about a distraction!
  8. Make another pot of coffee. This one just might be enjoyed warm!
  9. Tomorrow they’ll be home again, all day, just like before. No sweatin’ today, mama….

3 thoughts on “How to Survive Your Child’s First Day at Pre-K

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