Baby’s First Few Words: Interesting Choices

I’ve written about both of my children’s first words before, and they’re common: both said mama first, then dada, etc. There are some differences: Baby says “dadd-Y” and “hi dadd-Y” whereas Toddler said “dada” and continued to through to toddlerhood. We moms have to chronicle our babies’ first words in the baby book, and they’re forever engraved in our minds.

But what comes next often varies from child to child, though it draws from a common pool:

  • “up”
  • “hi”
  • “bye”
  • “more”
  • “no”

I’d really like to know what your children’s first words were. The comparisons are fun!

Here are Baby’s first few words after “mama” and “hi dadd-Y” and why she says them (I think):

  • “hot!” … because we have a woodstove and we hold up our hands while standing two feet away and say “hot” so she doesn’t touch it.
  • “help!” … because Toddler is obsessed with The Beatles and sings “Help!”… too bad she doesn’t get the context correct, though.
  • “socks” … because I point to her clothed feet and say “socks” when I dress her in the morning .. unfortunately her pronunciation leans a bit too close to “s-x” for my comfort … UGH.

I’m dying to know what her next few words will be! “Up?” “Blue Meanie?” “Sofia?” “Cinderella?” Certainly it will be shaped by how Toddler and I talk!


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