Sweet Memories Friday: Mom to the Rescue!

There are a lot of supermom memes out there, right? All moms and all dads really are superparents, aren’t they?! Kids always look up to their parents as their heroes, and for good reason. (At this point I’m just going to use “mom” because I’m a mom, although I know both parents are equal in superhero status.)

Whenever something goes awry, mom comes to the rescue! With hugs, kisses, a tissue, a towel, whatever was lost, a snack, an ice pack, a bandaid, what have you….


I was reminded of this somewhat embarrassing – okay, it was extremely embarrassing at the time, but I’m over it now, twenty-six or so years later – incident last week when my mom and I were talking about Toddler’s imminent start at preschool. Fair warning: it’s a kid’s worst nightmare!

My first grade class was a split class with half first graders and half second graders. Therefore, the teacher left us younger kids on our own to do work half the time while she taught the second graders. Naturally, I had to pee frequently during those times.

(Let me just preface this situation by saying I was one of those kids who never wanted to stop playing in order to visit the toilet … resulting in frequent puddles … sigh….)

So one day I wasn’t fast enough in getting the teacher’s attention. The next thing I knew, there was a yellow puddle dripping from my seat onto the floor. I remember wanting to hide the puddle … so I slipped off my chair and sat in it!!

The next few minutes are a blur in my memory, but I do recall every kid noticed what happened, despite my attempt to hide it. My teacher, the very kind Mrs. Rein, called my mom and asked her to bring me some dry clothes. (Cue the tears, everyone.)

I see that bathroom so exactly in my mind, even now. Tiny brown and tan flecked square tiles, beige stall doors, and a short row of three white porcelain sinks. I remember my mom standing outside the stall as I took off my soggy underwear and pants, then pulled on fresh things. Brown corduroy comes to mind…. (It was 1991, after all – corduroy was really cool.)

Here’s where my mom filled in the story for me – and why it’s so touching. When Mrs. Rein called her, my mom asked what I was wearing that day – so she could bring me something to match my shirt and make it seem as if nothing had happened, so I wouldn’t stand out.

Do you realize how kind that was? How loving? How motherly? I do. It was the utmost example of a mom to the rescue! I’d soiled myself in high fashion – short of pooping my pants, it certainly was a nightmare – but my mom helped make it feel like it didn’t happen. I was relieved once I was dry and had gotten a hug from her, and I could carry on with my day at school.

That’s what a mom is there for.

That’s what I hope to be for my girls – always there to save the day.

I just really, really hope they don’t end up like me and pee their pants….


5 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: Mom to the Rescue!

  1. Cue the tears, choked right up now! What a lovely thing to say, I never knew you know? That it even bothered you or that you tried to hide it, you just played it pretty cool to me, hug or no hug! So glad we had a chance to talk about it! XOXO

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    • LOL! Yes, it’s one of those moments that are never erased from your memory bank. I think I’ll be 87 and still remember how I felt and what my surroundings looked like. And how my mom saved me! So it’s amazing what an impact we moms can have to our kids – in the biggest or smallest of moments.. 🙂

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