Sign #32 You’re a Mom: Wardrobe Issues

Way back when in B.C. times – that’s Before Children – my jeans used to wear out around the bottom cuff. I guess I’m too short and they ended up dragging on the ground and growing threadbare. When the cuffs got too ragged to ignore, I’d head off to the mall for a new pair.

But now in A.C. times – After Children, of course – where do my jeans wear out?


Sad jeans.

In the knees, of course!

I feel like a teenage boy with how I’m wearing out my clothes now (according to my husband, this is how all of his jeans used to wear out). The thing is, I’m always on the floor – and usually crawling around on my knees or kneeling.

I play with the kids, chase after rolling balls or fallen toys, reach for whatever went under the couch or kitchen table or ottoman, make the fire in the woodstove, help brush Toddler’s teeth, put Toddler’s hair in a ponytail, … the list goes on!

Kneepads, anyone?! Because the 1990s called, and they want their ripped jeans back. Too bad cutoff jean shorts are no longer in style, either, because I’d be stocked!

Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone other funny ways your clothes wear out now?

4 thoughts on “Sign #32 You’re a Mom: Wardrobe Issues

  1. Oh dear! My jeans haven’t fared too badly yet but my wooly jumpers are a bit battered. My little boy likes to pick and pull at them, the cat catches her claws in them and the little tykes weetabix gets stuck on them and it won’t wash out. Ugh!

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