What is WRONG With Toddlers Sometimes?!?

Really, what is wrong with them? Multiple personalities? [Fill in the blank]-phobia? Turrets?

My 3yo daughter is perfectly (mostly) normal and healthy, actually – just a little bit crazy around the edges.

Like all toddlers….

Most days she just wanders around the house, dancing to The Nutcracker music and waving her Barbie doll or Sofia doll around with her. And singing and talking nonstop, usually at a normal volume but occasionally veering off into dangerously high octaves.

That’s okay with me, but when she starts shouting out random things I either start laughing (internally, because I don’t want to hurt her feelings) or engage her to tell me what’s going on inside her little head. 

Like when she was playing with the cute wooden toolbox she made at a Home Depot Saturday kid’s workshop (awesome events, btw – we highly recommend trying them) and she burst out, “Cedric is going to rip apart my toolbox!!!!” We’re talking Cedric the Sorcerer, of course.

(I think at the time whatever she was stuffing into her toolbox was spilling out, so clearly she had to blame someone.)

I guffawed a bit as I went over to her and said, “No one’s going to rip apart your toolbox, pumpkin,” but inside I was thinking of that scene near the end of the movie “Love Actually” when Sarah’s visiting her brother at a psychiatric hospital and he says, illogically, “The nurses are trying to kill me.” She responds soothingly, “No one’s trying to kill you, babe.”

It was a funny moment to me, because I know my daughter was just exhibiting typical toddler behavior of having an imaginary friend of sorts – and also getting frustrated by small things. It reminded me how irrational toddlers can be … good entertainment for us, in a way, though also irritating in ways … and how much they need parents to help them make sense of the world around them!

Do your toddlers say amusing things like this? Do you wonder (not seriously) if there’s a bit of crazy in them?!

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