Sweet Memories Friday: Excited To See Daddy Return From Work!

I won’t lie that the moment my husband walks through the door around 4:05 PM is one of my top 3 moments every day.

(Some days it’s THE top moment! You know those days….)

You know who else loves it? Baby! (Aside: Do I still call her Baby, since she’s now 1? I’ll need to think on this. You all know I don’t use the girls’ names here – they’re just Toddler and Baby to you – but do I use Big Sister and Little Sister now? BigSis and LilSis?!) 


Waiting, waiting, waiting….

I think Baby lives for the sound of the front door opening and a baritone voice calling, “Hello?! Hiiii guys!” No matter what she’s doing – nursing, flipping through her favorite lift-the-flap book, playing with her sister – she will immediately turn her head toward the door, struggle to start hustling to the door or top of the stairs to see him, and start grunting, “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Dada! Dada! DADA!”

Once she gets to him, she’ll raise her arms in search of a lift up, and then she’ll give him a hug and rest a cheek against his chest or beard.

It’s freaking adorable, I think, and my husband loves it; he’s glad to see his girls (because Toddler used to do this, too – now she more plays it cool and waits a few beats to tell him whatever is most exciting from that day’s activities) look forward to seeing him after work. He misses them, and it’s nice to feel missed.

I just love them expressing how much they love him and miss him during the day. Even though I get to spend nine hours alone with them five days a week, it’s nice to see them making up for the time spent without their dad in these few minutes of pure adoration. I know one day they will both play it ultra cool and only offer a small kiss on the cheek – if that? – so it’s nice to store away this sweet memory while I can!

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