Actually Useful Mom Advice: Just Forget About Sleep Now

Funny, you’d think I’d write about lack of sleep when Baby was still an infant, not when she’s 12m and her big sister is almost 3.5y.

Nope, this is a good time to talk about a really tired mom. (Because moms are perennially tired.) Last night Baby woke up at 12:45 because, I think, her molars were hurting her, and only milk would do. Thankfully she went right to sleep after that, and so did I; unfortunately I’d been up late myself, so my real bedtime was after 1am! Ah! Mommy mistake #1.

The second wake-up was at 4:47 AM from … Toddler! She very rarely wakes up, but out of the blue she was WAILING – yet I heard it distantly through the monitor and echoed live from down the stairs and the hall. I bolted out of bed, expecting the worst, but she was standing in the bathroom, lights on, pajamas on. I’m not sure exactly what the deal was, since she was crying in lieu of using her words, but I’m guessing she was upset that she peed in her diaper instead of getting to the bathroom first.

(She really wants to have a dry diaper at night so we can switch her to wearing underwear at night, too.)

Ugh. Long story short, I was back my own bed around 5:20, but Toddler’s stirrings through the monitor kept me up another fifteen or so minutes.

Let me just say there is not enough coffee in the world at the moment to revive me fully….

But truth be told, I’m used to this by now. This is kid #2, so that means two tired infant periods, two teething periods, one Toddler sleep regression at 2.25y, and one Toddler potty training period. I’m a pro at functioning on less than 6 hours of straight sleep. Not always well, but I can function – and operate light machinery such as driving, as they say on the warning labels. I’ve come to expect these nights, even if I can’t anticipate them occurring since- thank God – they both sleep through most nights.

My point is, moms (and dads, but mostly moms since we have the boobie milk), the sooner you accept that night wakings will occur through your children’s lives, the sooner you’ll have some peace. They say acceptance is the first step to healing, right?

Moms, you’ll always be on call.

Moms, you’d better have your slippers ready at the foot of your bed.

Moms, there will always be coffee or tea to drink in the morning – you can get through the night. You got this!

Moms, tomorrow night will – might – be better.

Moms, if you are prepared going in that you will be woken up, accept this and, I promise you, the road forward will be easier.

Just make sure your coffee supply is just as prepared as your mind is.


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