Parenting Game: Who Will You Grow To Be, Child?

Unless you have a toddler running amok and demanding you multitask, breastfeeding a baby is a pretty good time to zone out. (Assuming you and baby are in the groove and baby is sucking away happily.) Another prime zone-out time is when you watch Cinderella with your toddler for the 51st time (and counting). It’s a rare time for a mom to relax and let her mind wander – so take advantage!

You can think about red. You can think about pink. You can think up a horse. Oh, the thinks you can think!

Wait, stop the Dr. Seuss tape running in your head and let your mind wander, I said!

Anyway, so one of my favorite things to think about – thinks to think, if you will – is what my two girls will become when they grow up. It’s one of my favorite games to play: What Will She Be? 

Think about it: we spend so much time circling the baby issues, the toddler issues … but do we let ourselves imagine what kind of people they’ll become or what career they’ll have. Toddler naturally thinks she’ll be a princess and marry a prince, but I suppose there is a chance she could marry Prince George. (As they say, crazy family but adorable baby.) Possible? Maybe.


If you’re too brain dead from mommying, this fun Usborne book can supply ideas!

Could she be a fashion designer? Fabric designer? Her favorite thing to do is make dresses out of anything – dish towels, blankets, etc. – as well as pick out her and her sister’s outfits (matching or not – she has a lot to work on). Possible? She could make it work.

Maybe she’ll become a botanist; she really loves helping out her daddy with his bonsai plants, planting seeds in spring, and watering throughout the summer.

Maybe she’ll become a sommelier or a chef; we make homemade wine and she has a great time helping us mix and stir the ingredients, and every time I bake or make dinner she wants to “help mommy cook.” She is rarely truly useful in either case (of course), but she loves measuring and stirring and seeing the finished result. Good training!

And what about our 12mo baby?? It’s far too early to tell, of course, but whatever she decides I know she’ll be good at it – this girl is a freaking genius so far (no bias, ha!). Move over, Stephen Hawking!

Do you daydream about this for your kids? What possibilities do you think up for them?


5 thoughts on “Parenting Game: Who Will You Grow To Be, Child?

  1. My kids are school-aged. The older one is a brainiac whose self-esteem is a little bit too high. I’m hoping a selective, high-level college will burn off some of that extra brain energy and lead to a rewarding career as an astrophysicist…or a math teacher! My younger one is sweet and sensitive and an emotional basket case, so maybe psychology?

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  2. Oh what lovely daydreaming! I did not have our kids pegged at all right, but now looking back, they were perfect for the job they went into. Building all those characteristics over the years, determined to figure out your own ways to do things, work out problems and always give it there all!

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    • Oh yeah, I’m sure it’s going to change! Thinking about me and my sister, I NEVER would’ve thought we’d choose the careers we did! (Although there was an early indication I liked writing…. that 61-page “short story” in 6th grade?!)


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