Sweet Memories Friday: A Fully Relaxed Baby on You

Baby is definitely a mama’s girl. I’m not sure why, but I admit that I really like it. If she’s fussy or crying or just plain tired, nothing will calm her down except being in mommy’s arms. It’s actually pretty freaky how she will instantly stop whining once my arms wrap around her. She lays her head against my cheek or chest and stuffs her right thumb in her mouth, fully content.

(Mommy sigh!)

Pity for my poor husband aside (both my girls do love him to bits!), it is really the sweetest thing in the world to have a baby relax completely on me. I think that fuels me as much as coffee does – maybe even more.

I started to think a little more about this though – a bit deeper, and found even more sweetness….

My baby is relaxing on me, yes, and I’m sure that does something hormonal/chemical for her. But it also is building her trust in me. She knows that I’ll always be here to calm her down. Make her happy. Right the wrongs.

That’s a pretty powerful thing. We moms (and dads) might think we’re just soothing our babies, but we’re creating much more than just a love bond. We’re establishing ourselves as the person who our baby can trust in forever. It starts with a warm hug, yes, but it continues for a decades as the reassuring voice at the end of the phone line – the one who’ll always pick up the phone and always help you find a way through things.

I’m not naturally an over-the-top warm and fuzzy mommy. I’m much more the practical, calm, let’s-focus-on-keeping-them-alive type.* So … I need to always remind myself to keep building that trust and being the warm hug.

Yes, I need to help my baby learn to soothe herself and eat with a fork, and sometimes I really do need to spend 47 seconds tending to our almost-burning dinner instead of pick up Baby right-now. But my arms need to be there if things get too scary or that darned mango chunk just keeps slipping off the tines.

And I can’t laugh at Toddler when she spills her water cup on her lap for the fourth time in a week; I can only laugh with her, gently, when it’s okay with her (I can tell now).

The adult in me might want to crack up uncontrollably at what she’s doing or the ridiculous drawing she’s making (is that an octopus or a princess?!), but these babies are learning and I need to be the rock that always has her back.

And I will.

Because being the softest pillow for my squishiest baby really is the sweetest memory, and it’s also the start of even sweeter memories to come.


*As an aside, this weekly “Sweet Memories” post was hard for me to write initially as I don’t usually tap into sappy sweet things. But once I stopped rolling my eyes, I found more and more instances that touched my heart. Huh. Guess this feature was a good idea for me. Either that or being a mommy is actually changing me.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: A Fully Relaxed Baby on You

  1. This is beautiful and beautifully written. As a grandmother now, I get that same feeling when I do get the call, or the need to hug and hold any of our daughters. It is a bond that creates trust and the inner knowledge that there is always~always~a safe place for your heart.

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