Solid Gold Mom Invention: The Coffee Camelback!!

As I was sitting in the rocking chair in Baby’s room, around 7:15am the other morning, she was getting her morning breastmilk and I was happily sipping my steaming (large) mug of coffee (my custom 3/4 caffeinated mix of Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice and decaf french roast). Sweet morning!


Baby was getting her milk, of course (priorities), but my coffee??? Out of reach, figuratively. It was within arms length atop a sideways giant pack of size 4 diapers, my ersatz side table for just the purpose of holding my coffee cup whilst nursing. Trouble is, Baby does not tolerate me taking attention off of her so I can take a sip!

If I even try to bring the coffee cup to my mouth, she will either stop nursing to look at me with a sort of scolding face, kick her legs (watch out!), or flail her arms to grab mine (also, watch out!). I certainly don’t want to spill hot coffee – no, let’s be real … it’s just warmish by now – on either of us, so I wait until switching sides or when she’s finished to sate my thirst.

Hence my brilliant invention … a coffee “camelback!” This is absolutely what we need, right?! A nice pouch of warm coffee* hooked up to us (on our backs, sides, wherever, I don’t care) and a handy tube linking said beverage of life to our lips. Am I in heaven yet?!

(Although having a water camelback on me during the day would certainly solve a mom’s hydration problems … several moms complain of this problem, like fellow blogger Valerie!)

But having coffee hooked up to me like an IV that I can taste and enjoy? Now that’s living the dream….

And a mom can dream. Sigh. Anyone thinking this up for Shark Tank yet?! (Please!)

*Yes, I know this is not a safe invention. Heat = scalds, spills, yikes… Like I said, I can dream….


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