Why Going Grocery Shopping is THE WORST


Yup … shopping is now just a blur….

Does anyone like going grocery shopping? I mean, actually enjoy it?

Umm, I kind of used to; I guess I like food, and I like cooking and finding new ingredients, so I’ve always liked more than disliked this chore (it’s much better than cleaning toilets … or ironing!). Until I had two children – now it is THE WORST chore ever.

One kid in the cart I can handle – the occasional meltdown is doable. But two kids in tow … no thank you! They are cute but sure make the trip take about 50% longer. And make me forget things on my list because I’m concentrating on controlling them.

Okay, Baby in the cart is easy. Toddler walking with me is now becoming a (cute) hindrance. Let me just give you a rundown of how our last trip went. Go ahead, laugh it up.

This was the first time I was going to to the grocery store by myself in a few months – not since Baby could be carried in a front-pack carrier (could it have been that long ago?!) – since my husband is usually kind enough to meet me there after work, or I go by myself on the weekend or after he gets home from work. But, I was confident I could handle things.

We started in the produce section, where usually Toddler stays right near me and keeps her hands to herself. But this time she grabbed all the fruit she could fine – so I told her to put down the nectarines (she doesn’t even like peaches or nectarines). “We don’t touch food we’re not going to buy,” I said about six times that day.

She dropped a bag of green grapes on the floor in the 2.5 seconds it took me to go 4 feet to get a plastic bag – for the red grapes we were going to buy.

Yeah – I was that mom who left kid-ruined produce on the floor. (I did push it out of the way, though. Why isn’t there a garbage bin handy?!)

Two minutes later, Toddler started waving a sweet potato around (granted, it was shaped like a maraca), then dropped it … at which point it split into two. I actually added the bigger half to our bag, figuring I could use it for something. Again, I told her to keep her hands to herself unless she was helping me bag veggies I handed to her.

And then of course Toddler insisted on helping me push the cart the whole way, so it was quite a slow trip. Toddler speed is … glacial … compared to my typical grocery store haul-ass speed.

We made it to the checkout line an hour later, and we’d just started unloading when Toddler said she had to pee. Of course. I asked if she could wait until we’re done checking out, at least; she said yes. I mean, how the heck would I take her to the bathroom at that point?!

(Silently I was praying for her not to pee in the checkout line. I plan on going to this store every week for the next decade, for goodness sake.)

With five items left to scan, Toddler reminded me she had to pee. Again I asked if she could wait until we were done, and she said yes. Mind you, she peed right before we left home, it’d been 3 hours since she’d had a significant beverage, and she can typically go 3 hours without peeing. So I hurried it up, finished paying, and brought her to the bathroom  – and left our cart full of bagged groceries outside the bathroom door.

Did I mention Baby had started to fuss right when we started checking out? Of course. (I don’t blame her; I was about at that point, too.)

She peed just a trickle, naturally, but I had to hold her on the big seat because somehow in the last few months we lost our portable and foldable potty seat. And I also had to distract Baby with my purse so she wouldn’t wander and touch stuff. Gross.


This poor girl was left to fend for herself amongst the carrots and beans … but is now home safe!

Well, I thought we were home free … but as we were loading the car I asked Toddler where her stuffed unicorn was – the one who came into the store in her arms but was now nowhere to be found….


No way was I going back into the store for that, cute as Unicorn (“Uniken”) is. Plus we already should’ve been home getting dinner ready. So, gently and carefully I told her we’d call the store and ask if it made it to Lost and Found; somehow I avoided a tantrum! They didn’t have it yet, but later that night they found it – and we got Uniken back the next day. Crisis averted.

That was a long trip – literally and figuratively. 1.5 hours. So tired. It makes me really miss child-free days like no other outing can do to me. Can I do this again with both kids, or is it time to use the Shop from Home service?! Does anyone else do that?

11 thoughts on “Why Going Grocery Shopping is THE WORST

  1. Okay so…I did the online grocery pickup thing for the first time. My situation is that my kids are old enough that I should start leaving them unsupervised so they can develop responsibility and independence…but young enough that leaving them unsupervised makes me panic. So, if I can order groceries online from work and pick them up on my way home, I don’t have to leave them alone as long….Unfortunately, my firstborn is sick, so I had to leave work early yesterday anyway, which kind of messed up the entire routine and made everything awkward. Honestly I would rather just go to the store myself and pick out my own items myself. But, it did work. I got oatmeal, pickles, pudding, rice cakes, one perishable item (Babybel cheese which I have already nearly demolished), and they gave me some freebies as a bonus for being a first-time pickup customer. I don’t know that I will do this for a routine. But it IS easier than shopping in a store with two toddlers, like you. (My kids are a little farther apart in age so they were not really toddlers at the same time, but my older one as a toddler was a handful even without a second one, so I can’t even wrap my mind around actually HAVING a second one simultaneously)

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  2. Update: I do really like the “favorites” on the grocery online pick-up web site. It’s allowing me to plug in all the foods I’m supposed to be eating, so if I run out of something, I’ll be able to re-order without actually having to carry all of the information in my brain. Very helpful and may be what makes the difference between re-using the service or not.

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    • Great that you tried it! I have heard that the ordering process online is pretty good because you can save a list of things you buy every trip. That would help!!! What I’m worried about is my fruits and vegetables … I’ll admit that I’m picky when it comes to selecting which green bean goes into my bag, for example. I don’t want them to give me crap vegetables!! But I guess I won’t know what happens til I try….

      I totally hear you about getting panicky about leaving your kids home alone. I fear the day I reach that point! If you raise your kids with enough care they SHOULD be fine on their own, but there’s always that “what if” factor that you can’t plan for. But I guess we should remember that when our parents left us alone, we were okay. Right? Good luck leaving them! Small steps is good. 🙂


      • Yeah I didn’t get any produce. Also, yesterday I went by my favorite store, that doesn’t have online grocery pickup, and took video of where my items are located in their store, so I can go by there almost as fast and pick stuff out myself. Always good to have options!

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