Toddler Talk Tuesdays: Are Those … Bugs?!

The situation: we’re at our local grocery store and walking through the seafood section to pick up some salmon. Toddler puts the fish in the cart for me and then stops to look at the display …

Toddler: “Mom, why are there bugs in there?” [And points to the large tank…]

Me: “No, honey … those are lobsters.” [Trying not to crack up!]

Toddler: “What else is in there with the lobsters?”

Me: “Umm, those are just lobsters – a lot of them. Pretty packed in, huh.” Then I mumble to myself, “The spiders of the sea, as your dad says….”


That’s a lot of legs! I understand the confusion….

I don’t know how long it’ll be until I can eat lobster again!!!!


2 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesdays: Are Those … Bugs?!

  1. Man is she spot on! I’m dying laughing here, but she put the finger on the part that most can’t get past!!! Spiders of the sea, man….a lot of legs. Only kids can say what we all think when we look into those tanks.

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