The Best Nap? No Nap! (No, Seriously)

A little bit of mom honesty here. (You can tell it’s been a bit of a tiring week … Baby being “creative” with her napping, we’ve all been hit with a cold virus, 6+ inches of snow, husband out of town since 6am last Sunday…. My positive energy needs some recharging, and thank God it’s the weekend and Husband is finally home!)

I am all for naptime. Lord knows I’ve blogged about how happy I am when my kids are napping and how irritated I am when they aren’t. Their naps make them happier and healthier (Dr. Weissbluth, I heart you!), and the occasional break they afford me lets me pee, pick up milk-crusted Cheerios off the kitchen floor, and drink a glass (of water – seriously!).img_4417

Now that Toddler is definitely done with naps, I’m even more religious about Baby’s naps. Having just one child awake means the difference between sanity and where’s-my-f*&^ing-coffee some days. That and Baby realllly needs her naps, and always has.

But let’s face it – naptime is perhaps the most stressful time parents face. We work so dang hard to get them to nap, right? Choose the right time to lay them down, rock them the right way, don’t breathe too loudly, use the right sound machine setting, lay them down just so, leave the room like a ninja, yadda yadda…..

It’s exhausting. (For us, not them.)

You do this right, and it’s bliss. You do it wrong, and there are screams echoing through the monitor and between your temples. Ahhh!!! This is the worst moment of everyday parenthood … am I wrong?

So it hit me today what is going to be a really good time in this household: when both girls are done with their naps! No, seriously!

Gone will be the wrestling of trying to get them home in time for their naps and making sure we hit that perfect “nap window.”

Gone will be playing the dance of “oh please just stop standing up in your crib / getting out of your bed and just lay down and shut your eyes and give in to sleep!”

Gone will be bargaining/pleading with them to just please take a (f*&^ing) nap so they’ll feel better later and be able to play with energy (and no tired-induced tantrums).

Gone will be all the stress about “Have they napped enough?” “Did they get enough sleep?” “Am I letting her sleep too late in the day?” “Did I delay the next meal too much by putting her down for a nap right now?” “Are we going to be late for XYZ playdate later because she’s napping now?” “Did I forget to change her full diaper before she finally fell asleep?” I could go on … because stress it is indeed!

There has been something liberating about Toddler just doing quiet time and not naptime. We have extra time to play and read instead of settling her down to a non-sleep. I feel so much less stressed, even though I don’t get a “break” during the day anymore. Because … since she’s “so old” (ha!) now, I can actually go pee in peace while she’s doing quiet time. Or I can brew a pot of afternoon decaf … throw a load of laundry into the washer – which she wants to help me fold (badly) later. !!!! Oh, the freedom!

So when both kids are on this schedule, I may be missing some alone time that I got when they were babies, but maybe the new stress-free recharge time will be good enough for me – for all of us.

After a week of trying times getting Baby to nap, I’m starting to think that the end of naptime won’t be the apocalypse after all.

Moms, am I right? Or just deluding myself?!


9 thoughts on “The Best Nap? No Nap! (No, Seriously)

  1. I love naptime, but at some point it became terribly frustrating. It’s so annoying to spend two hours trying to get a child to sleep who is having NONE of that. It did take the pressure off when they both stopped napping, but I got very little down time. Hang in there! There will be teenagers in about 3 days! ; )

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  2. You’re not deluded. Sure, naps are great but the freedom of no naps is definitely better!
    “We have extra time to play and read instead of settling her down to a non-sleep.” – this made me laugh! ^_^

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