Cradle Cap? No, Toddler Bed Cap!

Toddler and Baby, unfortunately, are cursed with some of my genetics – like a propensity for cradle cap. I’m sorry, kiddos, really sorry.

Apparently I had it so bad as a kid that my older sister called it “cradle crap!” No word on if that was an original thought of hers or she picked it up from my mom (I’m guessing the latter.)

Toddler, now nearly 3.5yo, has been afflicted three times by a large swath of the crusty stuff, and it is a PAIN! It started appearing when she was about 3mo, and it took us a good three months to figure out how to get rid of it. Through trial and error, we discovered coconut oil worked best. Or rather, it is the only thing that’s worked for us!

Make her scalp – and hair – a greasy mess, leave it on for at least 4 hours, then comb against the growth direction or pick gently to release the caps. (The trick is to leave it on long enough – I can’t stress that enough.) Wash hair twice, and voila! And then be prepared for slightly greasy hair the next day, too. Sorry again, kiddo.

The worst part? Her hair growth seemed a bit stunted. Seriously, it wasn’t until another year and a half almost that she looked like a girl.

Well, I thought that was the end of it, but the cradle cap cropped up again!

At around a year and a half, it was back, though less extensively than the first bout. So out came the coconut oil again, much to all of our delight. After that was cleared, it seemed Toddler’s hair was ready to grow again! Hurray!

But now just a month ago I realized her scalp was covered yet again. What?! It was hard to tell because he hair is longer, but sure enough it was there. Again with the coconut oil, again it came off. And you know what popped out? Little 1/4″ long curly hairs that were stuck underneath the scales! Her poor hair!

I’m hoping that’s the last of it, but I doubt it will be, judging from past experience. I’ll have to keep on top of it. And now I’m dubbing it …

… toddler bed cap! Because it sure as hell doesn’t just affect those in the cradle….

Side note: Baby was also afflicted around 3m, and we cleared it off swiftly at that time. It hasn’t been back since, and her hair is much longer and healthier than Toddler’s was at the same age. Crossing my fingers we did it right this time!!

Anyone have any toddler bed cap tips??


10 thoughts on “Cradle Cap? No, Toddler Bed Cap!

  1. Elizabeth has recurring cradle cap, too! And, LOL, my husband calls it cradle crap as well! (much to my displeasure, I might add) I tried olive oil and it worked okay with her but it’s come back three times since its first appearance. Her hair has definitely not been stunted in growth, however. Ha! Sorry you’re still dealing with this during toddlerhood – that’s not fair! :/ I’m hoping E’s goes away soon.


    • Isn’t it the worst! She’s so young to have had it come back so much already! As long as you nip it in the bud early her hair should be okay, I hope. If olive oil ever fails, try coconut! I’ll cross my fingers you’ve had the end of it!


    • Oy…. We used a strong shampoo also (I’ve forgotten the name, but not the smell…), but it didn’t work for Toddler when she first had it. I assume your son hasn’t gotten a flare up again, so I hope the shampoo did the trick for you! I heard coconut oil is good for eczema as well – or at least won’t exacerbate it – so maybe that can work if you ever need to help him again.

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  2. All three of my kids had it. My daughter (2.5 years) still has it. They take after me. I’ve been struggling for years with scaly itchy scalp and have tried virtually every over the counter medicated shampoo that’s available here with minimal success. Anyway…I finally tried Dr. Bronner’s castile soap as a shampoo (Tea Tree oil scented) as a last ditch attempt (because that’s what I had on hand) and it’s working wonderfully! I can even use my favourite conditioners no problem. Might be worth a try.

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