Learning to Write … or a Kidnap Note?


Toddler is learning to write, which is particularly thrilling for me. She’s taken to it quite all on her own, too; one day she wanted to write an A and amazingly has produced legible and pretty A’s since day one.

Then she wanted to write all the letters in her name (there aren’t many, so this wasn’t too difficult). And then her grandmas’ name (they share the same name!). Then “mom” and “dad.”

And now we’re up to almost ten letters she can write – wow! I’m seriously proud of her. The best part is that she’s actually enjoying it and wants to learn more on her own initiative.

The hard / amusing part? Her writing – uneven in size, at times a mix of upper and lowercase – reminds me strongly of a kidnap letter made of newspaper letter cutouts!


Am I right? I’d include a photo of Toddler’s writing, but it includes her name (which I prefer not to share). If I did, you might not know the difference between her writing and the above photo!

I know I’m not a bad parent for thinking this, but I’m just amused!

How do your kids’ writing look?

4 thoughts on “Learning to Write … or a Kidnap Note?

  1. A few months ago, Unpredictable told me she was writing a birthday list. When she produced the list…it was in Japanese. Not what I was expecting. Thanks a lot, YouTube. Fortunately, a relative who is fluent in Japanese sent a box 🙂

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