Sweet Memories Friday: Hugs are Here!

I’ll be honest … I’ve had a hard time coming up with something to post about for today. It’s been a shitty week – which followed a shitty week.

No, that’s not totally true. Baby’s erratic napping (and lack of napping while Toddler is at preschool!) and subsequent schedule-tastrope have colored my entire outlook, I’m embarrassed to say.

(I’d sacrifice a pinky toe or two just for an hour alone at this point – really.)

In between too many hours spent trying to get Baby to nap and way too much time prepping prior to and cleaning after meals, there have been a lot of positives. Let’s see: 

  • Toddler learned how to write “M” and can spell “MOM” on her own!
  • We were on time to preschool (living the dream, I know…)
  • Toddler gave and received a lot of Valentines from her preschool class and playgroup
  • We made Daddy a heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie, which we almost kept a secret from Daddy until Toddler spilled the beans on the surprise before the reveal
  • Toddler drew a person and I could actually tell it was a human and not some inanimate object; I saw arms and a head! And legs! Now she can draw rainbows and people, yay!
  • We played in the snow! I pulled the sled with Baby sitting in Toddler’s lap – so cute
  • And….

Baby has figured out how to hug! I know, I know – THIS is what I’m blogging about. Is it lame?

If so, keep me honest.

But I think it’s cool. Were you guys proud of this moment in your child’s development? I know I was proud when Toddler first started to really give hugs. Baby has started to hug her stuffed animals – and then holds them out for us to hug, too.


These guys make the cut – buddies Baby hugs and presses to her cheeks: Peek-a-Boo Elephant, Cute Little Owl Face, Peter Rabbit, Elephant, and Sheep!

And now I can kneel in front of her, holding my arms out, and say, “Hug! Hug! Hug!” and she will hustle toward me with the cutest gappy smile and the excitement of the purest child. When she lands in my waiting arms and rests a cheek on my chest, I can feel her little arms getting closer and closer to a real hug position.


What a great feeling it is to have a little baby hug you, right? I hope I remember this feeling forever – time to take a video! Cue up the camera, daddy….

7 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: Hugs are Here!

  1. Awe! hugs fom the little ones sure make the challenges of motherhood worth it! “I’d sacrifice a pinky toe or two just for an hour alone at this point – really.” I’m cracking up at this. I know the desperation all too well!

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