Toddler Talk Tuesdays: A Bevy of Bathroom Humor

Bathroom humor is always a winner, right? For adults it’s funny – but for kids it’s even funnier. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but Toddler really had us in stitches with the following two conversations:

Me: “Are you pooping?”

Toddler: [Straining] “Yeeeaaahh….”

Me: “Is it coming out okay?”

Toddler: “Yeah, because I eat lots of fruits and vegetables and water [straining more]!”

Me: “Is it hard?”

Toddler: “No, it just falls out! Like … like garbage!” [Makes hand gesture of quick downward motion.]

Then after wiping:

Toddler: “Let me see my poop! It’s so CUTE! It looks like an arrow!”


And later that day, Toddler and I were discussing a “unique” gift I got for Christmas from a relative. (See for yourself below just how unique … and “practical.”) I told her (yes, I know I’m instigating!) that we can give it to one of us when we do a good poop in the bathroom. So she says…, “The next time dad goes poop in the bathroom, I’m gonna put this outside the door for him to find when he comes out!” (She was very excited.)

Oh geez, what have I done?!


Well done indeed….

3 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesdays: A Bevy of Bathroom Humor

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  2. That’s hilarious. My son is currently obsessed with looking at his poop when I change his diaper. I take it off and he starts yelling “see poop!” “see poop!” … and then yeah, I show him the poop. It’s totally gross but then he’s satisfied and we have a pleasant (as it can be) diaper changing experience. The things you do…right? lol

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