Sweet Memories Friday: Crazy Dinnertime Laughs!

Sometimes dinnertime is a total cluster f*&^, and I’d rather skip right to bedtime than eat my meal, no matter how hungry I am.

But more and more lately – maybe because we’re finally getting a handle on feeding four people at once – dinnertime is becoming a fun time when we laugh together. There are crazy moments, yes – mostly involving food diving off someone’s high chair tray and someone else belting out Frozen songs louder than the surrounding conversation – but slowly our dinnertimes are becoming …

… true family time. What?!

We’re people sitting around the table asking about your day. It’s like that Seinfeld episode when Kramer is mocking family life and saying, “How was your day? Did you have a good day today or a bad day today? What kind of day was it? Oh, I don’t know – how was your day?” Mocking aside, that was a hilarious episode and is really what life is like now.

Just with wet food on the floor and bathroom jokes thrown in.

Yeah, we talk about what we did that day:

  • how Husband’s work was and if anything interesting happened
  • what Toddler did at school (when she deigns to tell us)
  • what craft Toddler worked on
  • if Baby did anything funny

But more often than not, things turn funny pretty quickly. We always play music via Pandora during dinner from one of my husband’s channels: video game music, movie scores, alternative rock, Beatles, 60s music, Beethoven-esque classical music, or 80s music. When it’s the latter … oh man, watch out! Mama gets her dance moves ON!

Somehow on the way to picking up the next course from the kitchen, my groove comes out and I dance something ridiculous. I mean, it’s rocking and silly and crazy … think the Roger Rabbit move meets Saturday Night Fever. Mostly I do it to embarrass my husband (he hopes I never do this in public … I haven’t yet) and also to make my girls laugh.

And also because it’s just plain fun!

Once I get back to my seat, usually my head’s still a-rockin’ and I’m humming or singing a bit – especially if Journey comes on (you know … the band of every Jersey wedding). The best times are when the girls join in with clapping, singing – the same song or not – or bopping. I’m still waiting for Husband to join in, though he does laugh and enjoy the general raucous splendor.

And then there’s the jokes. If we’re not singing and dancing, we’re laughing about something hysterical that Toddler said. Just the other night, I was serving Baby some pieces of hamburger and said, “Okay baby, here you go. Meat – it’s what’s for dinner.” And Toddler said, “Where’s the beef?” And she’s never even seen the 1990s commercial that’s from!!

(Husband and I were laughing so hard!)

It usually doesn’t stop until we’re all cleaned up. Do you have this much fun at dinnertime? I’m glad we do – it’s becoming a fond trove of memories, and I hope it stays this way for years to come.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: Crazy Dinnertime Laughs!

  1. Suppers are pretty fun around here too! Between the baby who’s still tasting new things, the toddler who can’t seem to figure out what to eat with her hands and what to eat with her utensils and the 4 year old who has a wild imagination, we get a big laugh!

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