Week in Review: What Did My Kids Eat?

Feeding four people in a family is kind of hard sometimes. It’s natural for everyone to like slightly different things. I get it. Sometimes we don’t want to have the carrots at lunch, we must have broccoli. Okay, fine. And Baby, at 13m, is still figuring out what she likes to eat, so mealtimes can be challenging. And we have one picky eater (surprisingly not one the kids).

So what did my family eat this week? Inspired by the weekly meal plan posts by Valerie over at Living Lighter in Atlanta, I thought it’d be fun to look back and either laugh or salivate.

This post ended up very long and perhaps more than 95% of you (the other 5% being my family and close friends!) want to read, so I highlighted some frustrations in the bullet list below and kept the daily log at the end.

I’d love to hear what you think – and also if you have any ideas for new things to feed Baby, please shout ’em out!

Takeaways from the week:

  • Baby ends up getting either Rice Krispies or Cheerios on her tray at the end of a lot of meals … either because she demands them (pointing where she knows they are and grunting with excitement) or because she won’t eat her other food but I think she still needs calories from something. My bad. Cereal is not strongly nurishing.
  • Toddler’s stomach is probably coated with peanut residue … from her daily PB&J sandwiches and peanut butter powder. Protein for the win????
  • Toddler DEVOURED the spanakopita I made New Years Eve, but said it was gross this week. Kid, I made this dish FOR YOU! Now I have the entire thing to myself because no one else will eat it, except Baby just on the day I made it.
  • What kid won’t eat macaroni and cheese? Homemade macaroni and cheese? My Toddler, that’s who – otherwise known as an alien, I’m pretty sure.
  • Baby used to eat our mac n cheese … but this time ate just a few bites. Like her older sister – what’s up with that?! Who doesn’t like cheese?!
  • I made a SUPER coconut baked oatmeal (see link on Thursday’s bullet below), which both kids enjoyed the first morning. Toddler pronounced it “not good” on Friday morning. Right – because I poisoned it Thursday night?! Seriously though, make that recipe. You’re welcome!
  • Overall, I think my kids are pretty good eaters (tonight they both ate salmon!), but I can’t wait for the day we all eat the same thing. Or am I chasing a unicorn?


  • Breakfast: Cut up kiwi and 1/2 bagel with cream cheese for Toddler; cutie orange and 1/2 English muffin with peanut butter for Baby. They both ate it all, though Baby made a mess with her muffin and demanded Rice Krispies after it (literally pointed and grunted).
  • Lunch: Baby spinach with bit of salad dressing for dipping, PB&J on wheat, applesauce with cinnamon, and small bowl of Rice Krispies with peanut butter powder and milk for Toddler; apple slices and cheesy toast for Baby. Toddler refused the spinach beause she didn’t like the salad dressing anymore. Hmm?
  • Snack: milk and peanuts for Toddler
  • Dinner: broccoli and cauliflower and snap peas (what was left in the fridge!) for all, homemade macaroni and cheese for the adults and Baby, pasta with marinara and parmesan for Toddler, and a turkey sandwich on a mini twist roll for Toddler. Baby refused to eat the mac n cheese, even though she’s devoured it before; Toddler refuses to eat it all the time, so we don’t try anymore. Ended up giving Baby a ton of quartered grapes and Cheerios.


  • Breakfast: kiwi and a bowl of Rice Krispies with peanut butter powder and milk for Toddler; cutie orange and dry Cheerios for Baby. Devoured!
  • Lunch: baby carrots with hummus, PB&J on wheat bread, and yogurt for Toddler; quartered grapes, pasta with marinara sauce, and applesauce for Baby.
  • Dinner: spanakopita (spinach and phyllo pie) for me and the girls, cucumber slices for Dad, grilled chicken breast, leftover mac n cheese for the adults, and cheesy toast for the girls and Dad. Baby loved the spanakopita, but Toddler said it “did not taste good,” even though she ate two huge pieces of the same recipe on New Years Eve. Toddler asked for applesauce with cinnamon after dinner and ate three bowls….


  • Breakfast: orange juice for Toddler (because she refused all other fruit) and two bowls of Rice Krispies with PB powder and milk; apricot pieces and dry Cheerios for Baby
  • Lunch: a bought fruit/veggie pouch for, PB&J on a mini twist roll, and a few cheese slices for Toddler; a homemade berry/sweet potato pouch, about 1oz of chicken pieces, and maybe 1/2cup of quartered grapes for Baby (she devoured those grapes and wouldn’t stop eating!)
  • Dinner: green beans, pastrami on challah bread, and Isreali couscous. Baby got some small pieces of pastrami (she loved it! Duh…) and some couscous by spoon – which she loved! We had to save the rest of the coucous for Toddler’s lunch tomorrow (or face a mutiny), so we gave her apple slices because she was still hungry. Toddler ate the pastrami off her bread, picked at the bread, and tried to eat as much couscous as possible.


  • Breakfast: kiwi for Toddler and apricot for Baby, then a delicious coconut-citrus baked oatmeal that everyone (surprisingly) enjoyed
  • Lunch: red pepper slices with hummus, leftover Israeli couscous, some of my Jack cheese, ~4oz plain yogurt, and a container of strawberry-kiwi applesauce for Toddler; red pepper slices, 1/2 slice wheat toast with peanut butter, and some plain applesauce, then some Cheerios for Baby
  • Dinner: boiled sweet potato cubes with cinnamon and baked breaded chicken tenderloins. Toddler also had some packaged garlic-parmesan rice we ate, and Baby had 1/2 slice of wheat toast with PB. Then Toddler got jealous of the PB Baby was eating and wanted it on her rice. I told her “absolutely not,” but then I tried it and it was surprisingly delicious! So she had some with her rice; please, try not to gag…. I think Baby somehow got Rice Krispies at the end of the meal, too.


  • Breakfast: pineapple pieces and Rice Krispies with PB powder and milk for Toddler, strawberries and more of the coconut baked oatmeal and then Cheerios for Baby. Toddler today refused to eat the oatmeal, saying she actually didn’t like it. What?!
  • Lunch: orange cauliflower with hummus, PB&J, two muenster cheese slices, and apple slices for Toddler; peas (mostly thrown off the high chair), a little leftover baked chicken pieces, and an apple slice for Baby. I would’ve given Baby more, but she was eating so slowly and fussily that I eventually gave up.
  • Dinner: corn and homemade pizza for everyone! We make our own crust and use part-skim mozzarella and smoked gouda. Baby ate half of a small slice and Toddler ate a whole (though small) slice, then asked what else we were having for dinner. Oops. Also, I made my pizza portion with ricotta and chopped broccoli, but Toddler refused that. Sigh – I remember the days when she loved that….

So there we have it – our week’s food in review. ($10 if you made it this far.) Do you have any stories of what your kids liked this week or refused to eat?

7 thoughts on “Week in Review: What Did My Kids Eat?

  1. Where do you get PB powder? I’ve never heard of that, but I want it! My kid is a head-scratcher, so giving him PB can only be done right before a bath. He also goes through phases where he will only eat food with tomato sauce or ketchup on it.

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  2. LOL, oh kids and their weird food lives!
    Hey, cereal is fantastic – at least it’s fortified, right? Nevermind the sugar and all. 😛 When my iron was low during my pregnancy with Elizabeth, I was given a prescription for giant pills of iron which (TMI!) turned my poop black and caused upset stomach. Well, I dropped them and started eating Oatmeal Squares every morning and having some red meat a few times a week for dinner (I was no red meat before that) and my iron level came back up within a few weeks. 🙂 I credit the cereal!
    Oh, I hate when you think you’ve found something they’ll eat and they act like it’s the best thing ever and then one day they just decide they’re never going to touch it again! Haha, so frustrating!!

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    • Okay, that makes me feel a lot better about the cereal, thank you. Yes, and I don’t buy sugary cereals – except Life on occasion. Phew!

      Yes, and as an adult I really understand not wanting to eat the same thing two days in a row. But I don’t have endless choices for my kids to eat – so can they just please suck it up and eat the food?! I can’t wait until they learn that life skill….. :/


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