My Children PROVE We’re All Just Animals Inside

You know how when you’re at the zoo and you see the primates grooming each other by picking at their hair? Let’s pretend for a moment they’re not extracting bugs, only food bits. (In my head I also have that scene from The Goblet of Fire movie when Madame Maxine picks a bit of food from Hagrid’s beard … and then eats it.)

That’s kind of what happens to Baby’s hair at mealtime. Yeah, I know a lot of babies do it: eat a little bit, rub it all around their fingers, and them mush it into their hair. Baby hair gel, anyone?

So what happens to all those crusty Cheerios, pasta sauce bits, and gushy avocado? Usually we wipe it off, the sooner the better, and we generally try to control the situation before it escalates into a food fest. (Sometimes that’s inevitable, right?)

But what if we weren’t there? What if Baby had a little buddy with her? Here’s what I picture happening …

… and yes, I’m a bit crazy …

… her buddy would pick the food bits out of her hair – and probably eat them. Problem solved! Because, see, we’re all just animals inside. We don’t need DNA studies to show we’re similar to chimps! Just watch some kids play together….


Hmm, is that a dried strawberry bit you have in there?

I never used to understand why animals pick at each other like that … but now I get it – somebody has to clean up the mess!!!

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