Toddler Talk Tuesdays: Please Stop, Mom

So I’ve mentioned before that I have the habit of getting down and funky sometimes. (Cringe.) I also have developed the habit of belting out a stanza of a song if someone says something (unintentional and unrelated in subject) that is the words to that song. I don’t know why I do this, but I guess I just like music – and songs get stuck in my head very easily.

And, bonus: it has make for some good laughs now that kids are in the mix!

I have two conversations where Toddler has prompted me to burst out in song … which has resulted in her just not gettin’ my beats…!

1- Toddler, Husband, and I were playing with some toy, and …

Toddler: “This is being funky.”

Me (singing): “Play that funky music, white boy!”

Toddler: [Looks at me and pauses.] “Not good, mom.”


2- At dinner one night, Husband was playing a Pandora station of 80s music and a song I liked was on. Toddler, of course, had asked to listen to something she preferred – Let it Go or All You Need is Love or something.

Toddler: “Stop that, dad!”

Me (singing and holding out hand in dramatic stop pose): “Please don’t stop the, please don’t stop the, please don’t stop the music!”

Toddler: “Mom, you have to stop that…. Stop that!!!”

(I’m pretty sure she was talking top me, not the music!)


How do I feel sometimes? Shut down…. Sigh. I’m well on my way to becoming that embarrassing mom who whistles out of tune with driving her daughter and two friends somewhere. Awesome! (No, seriously – awesome!)

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