Learning Words From the Older Sister – and Movie Quotes?

Thank goodness Baby has Toddler to learn from. I didn’t realize how much faster she’d learn things than Toddler did when she was little! Baby imitates – and therefore learns how to do something from – Toddler on everything from unscrewing/screwing caps to throwing toys.

Joy and joy, right?

Just yesterday Baby walked into the bathroom, motioned an urgent need to climb onto the closed toilet (this is why we keep the lid down at all times!), and once on there motioned for me to hand her some toilet paper.

Well, I quizzically obliged her a square, and a moment later she was mock-wiping her lady part area – just like her big sister!! I was a little shocked, and very amused!

So what else does Baby learn from Toddler?

Let’s see … language is a biggie, right? I think Baby will pick up a lot of her older sister’s phrases and manner of speaking. (Hopefully not Toddler’s volume level during singing.)

Baby is constantly looking at Toddler to see what she’s saying, yet …

… sometimes the strangest things pop out of Toddler’s mouth:

“Well go ahead and staaaaaaarve!” (Beauty and the Beast)

“We don’t have time to make four manifique costumes in one day!” (a Sofia the First episode)

“Don’t steal my amulet, Princess Ivy!” (another Sofia episode)

“The motor is broken, Young Fred.” (Yellow Submarine)

In other words, in the middle of an ordinary conversation, Toddler will yell out something seemingly nonsensical; only my husband and I understand the context.

Poor Baby! Does she think her big sister has Turrets? That she’s just confused? I really wonder why goes on in Baby’s head when she hears these exclamations … maybe, “Is that still my sister in there? What the heck is going on?”

Just another day of wondering what life is like through my girls’ eyes….


3 thoughts on “Learning Words From the Older Sister – and Movie Quotes?

  1. LOL! I love it. 😀 And that B&B quote by the beast is one of my favorites! Haha
    My oldest talks in movie quotes still at 16 years of age, and also in song lyrics. There’s no telling what Samuel (5) makes of it…but he repeats it, that’s for sure! 😛

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