Toddler Talk Tuesday – Godly Musings

Conversing with a toddler on the topic of religion is … tricky. For us, it’s doubly tricky because my husband and I practice different religions. Our household as a whole celebrates both, so our girls learn both traditions.

That’s fun … but it also makes things difficult at times. Luckily, it also provides some entertainment.

A few weeks ago on the drive to Sunday School (to which I take her), recalled as best I could because I was driving at the time. As we chatted, Toddler was clutching her stuffed unicorn (of grocery store fame):

Toddler: “Why does dad not go to Sunday school, too?”

Me: “Because he’s Jewish. We’re Lutheran, so we believe different things and go to Sunday School.”

Toddler: “Why is he Jewish?”

Me: “He and his parents and your aunt are just Jewish. They don’t believe that Jesus was the son of God – that’s the main difference. They believe he was just a man.”

Toddler: “I believe in Jesus. But my unicorn doesn’t believe in God. [Pauses] Because he’s a unicorn.”


Unicorns: agnostic or atheist? You decide.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. We were doing a service project during Sunday School (cutting plastic bags to be woven into sleeping mats for the homeless in our county), and it really got Toddler thinking.

Toddler: “Are we giving these to God?”

Me: “No, I don’t think God needs these. We’re giving them to homeless people – people who don’t have a bed like we do. We’re helping them.”

Toddler [after reflection]: “Is God helping us?”

Me: “Hmm … No, not directly. I suppose he’s working through us and giving us guidance. [Here I almost launched into an explanation of the Holy Spirit, but couldn’t quite figure out how to make it relate-able for a 3yo.] Maybe these are questions you can ask the Pastor, honey.”

Boy, did I feel out of my league in this conversation! Well, sort of. Deep thoughts. How does your family talk about religion with young children? At what age do they “get it?”


7 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday – Godly Musings

  1. Conversation with Brainiacal at age 3.5. (found this transcript in my archives)

    B: Why does this stick have pokey things on it?
    Me: Because nature made it that way.
    B: Can I ask nature why him or her made it that way?
    Me: Um….
    B: Is nature a grown-up?
    Me: Well, nature isn’t really a person, nature is a force.
    B: Can nature talk to me?
    Me: Well, forces don’t have mouths.
    B: Why doesn’t a force have a mouth?

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