ABC? No, ABT – Always Be Teaching

My dad’s career was mostly in sales, and I often heard a phrase that he learned from his father-in-law (also in sales): ABC … which in this case is not a kid’s alphabet but “Always Be Closing.” As in, make sure you always have a deal getting sealed.

(After all, the family’s gotta eat!)

Well, I came up with my own (admittedly lame) acronym for parenting Toddler right now: ABT. Always Be Teaching! Am I right?

She may not be in real school yet, but I feel like I am teaching her nonstop during the day. Mostly it’s in response to her endless questions – let’s be serious. 

  • “Why is it a quarter moon?”
  • “Why are the logs red in the fire?”
  • “Are there bones in your hand?”
  • “Will my baby sister be taller than me?”
  • “Why do you have to shake the salad dressing?”
  • “What does bonjour mean?”
  • “Why does dad have to make money at work?”
  • “Why can’t we drop an egg from the top of the Eiffel Tower?”

It never ends! But you know what? I don’t complain; I’m a mom, and this is my job. I’m parenting, teaching, guiding … providing the answers to life.

I could answer these questions with a simple “Because!” and leave it at that. (Okay, I’ll admit that there are times, rare, when I am knee deep in baby sh*& and say just that to Toddler.)

But I would miss the opportunity to explain how the world around us works. I love seeing her eyes light up when she understands what I’m saying. Eventually all these random bits of information I tell her will add up some real knowledge, and that’s so cool to think about. For the engineer in me, these explanations are not only fun but keep my brain sharp.

(And it’s more stimulating than talking about Cinderella, Sofia, or Mickey Mouse.)

For now I get a lot of topic changing responses from Toddler, but I know it’s sinking in. Parenting for the win!

What about you? Do you enjoy answering your kids’ questions? Do you feel like you practice ABT all the time as well?

5 thoughts on “ABC? No, ABT – Always Be Teaching

  1. ALWAYS, haha. I am always answering questions. But, you’re right, “real” questions are better than the topic of children’s movie characters! lol

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