Sweet Memories Friday? #MyFirstPostRevisted Tag, and Other Baby Sounds

The creative and sweet Valerie over at Living Lighter in Atlanta (check out her great blog!) tagged me in a fun tag in which the blogger reposts or pastes their first blog post. Thanks for thinking of Welcome to the Nursery, Valerie!

Well, my first post was very short…. Originally this blog was a place to put my short thoughts that popped into my head while I was nursing or changing baby #1. Perhaps these short posts were better suited for (the dreaded) Twitter.

This blog has grown, as have the length of its posts. I now expand on my thoughts a bit while still trying to be succinct and witty. Well, here is post #1 from August 28, 2014!

“Forget baby babble – I’m pretty sure that’s Parseltongue my little girl is speaking.”

Very verbose, eh? But so true! At that point, Toddler wasn’t talking yet (she was 11m) except for “mama” and “dada” etc. But she sure made a lot of snake-like “sssss” sounds! I think she was really trying hard to form words in her mouth, so much so that she was slowly (ssssslowly) forming each individual sound at a time. She really gave Harry a run for his money (start at 1:30).


The most famous Parselmouth, besides Voldemort himself, of course.

Well, now Baby occasionally makes sounds like Parseltongue, but on the whole she’s a much better speaker than Toddler was at her age. She even says, “Hi dad-EE!”

She also says “daydel-daydel-daydel-daydel” a lot, and “yah yah yah yah!” I swear she’s just trying to imitate her older sister. And why wouldn’t she?

I’m enjoying discovering what talking sounds Baby is making while being nostalgic about what Toddler said. Sweet memories indeed!

Do you remember your first blog post? (Was it as embarrassing as mine? Haha….). I tag anyone to repost theirs! And do you remember what your kids first sounded like as babies?


12 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday? #MyFirstPostRevisted Tag, and Other Baby Sounds

  1. I love it! Baby babble is so fun, and I ❤ the Harry Potter reference. Elizabeth is extremely physical and language doesn’t seem to interest her yet, she IS quite adamant with her raspberries, though. 😉
    We used sign language with Joshua, Samuel and now Elizabeth because Maggie was a late talker and I learned from our experience with her that having a backup way to communicate was a good, if not necessary, idea. We’ve enjoyed signing with them. 🙂

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    • I’ve heard so many good things about sign language for babies. Good job with it! I admit that I was too lazy to do it, even though I thought it could be useful. A lot of the time I say to her, “What are you saying, baby?!” Oh well; it feels too late to start.

      You would love my outing tomorrow … going to see HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone with a live orchestra! My husband got us tickets for my birthday present. It’s showing in Newark, and apparently they’re doing the Chamber of Secrets in spring. If this is fun, we may do that, too!

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  2. I also remember the first words my girls said and what they called things. Our oldest was very original with that, calling me Marny for the first two or so years. She also called her favorite toy, a lamb, which played a song, which I can no longer remember, and she named it Some. Yep, she would ask for some, and we’d be going…some what? what do you want some of??? Drove us batty for a bit, truth be told!

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