Food Choices: These Kids Don’t Know How Good They Have It!

The scene this morning at breakfast was one of fruit carnage on the counter, sheer indifference by my girls, and shrouded exasperation by me:


Hotel buffet or post-breakfast crime scene at home?

Our typical breakfast routine is to have some fruit first, then either cereal or an English muffin or baked oatmeal or bagels on the weekend (with cream cheese and sprinkles – don’t judge – for Toddler). They’re hungry, so the theory is that they’ll eat their fruit before moving on to carbohydrates. This is also how we get them to eat veggies at lunch and dinner.

So what choice of fruit do they have? Well, depending on the season it’s bananas, kiwis, oranges, pears, peaches, plums, pineapple, mango, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries (from the yard!), and canned peaches in winter.

Pretty nice selection for these kiddos, right? You’d think they’d be salivating over their first breakfast course, right?

No. Their reaction?

Indifference. Yes, indifference! A pile of mango cubes on their plate and they PASS IT UP.

Good God, children! Do you know the first time I had mango? I was 21 years old!! No, not because it was the law, because I’d never seen one in a store or could afford it. I was in college in Montreal and they were on sale, so I said, “Hey, there’s a mango here – I’ll finally try that. I’m old enough. I can afford it!”

21! And my one-year-old sometimes devours it, and other days she just gives me the baby equivalent of “meh.”

“Meh?” To mango?! Insanity!

These kids really don’t know how good they have it. I grew up in the Midwest for the most part, largely in Green Bay, and from what I recall I ate bananas, apples, some local cherries, and maybe some peaches. I can’t remember us having strawberries very often (if at all?) or mango, for the love of God. I dreamed of mango!

Hence my incredulity when these cutie pies don’t leap at the chance to eat even a ripe strawberry. Who passes up strawberries?

(Also, if all I have to do is sat at my chair and have someone serve me three meals and one snack every day, I’m pretty sure I’d eat whatever the hell was put on my plate … because I didn’t have to cook it. Sigh. Yes, I know they’re too young to understand this….)

Anyway, we’ll work on thankfulness later, I guess.

For now I have to deal with the leftover fruit – of which I did eat some. There was mango, strawberries, and plum. Usually I either put it in a leftover container for them to try again at lunch or tomorrow morning, or I puree it (throwing in other things like other leftover veggies or fruit, fresh baby spinach, applesauce, pear pieces, or banana) and put it in a great reusable pouch by Choomee (thanks Amazon!).

And now we have food for another day – in a form I know one of them will take. Job over, rant over.


8 thoughts on “Food Choices: These Kids Don’t Know How Good They Have It!

  1. Kids DON’T know how good they have it, by definition. It’s something I’ve had to learn many times over.

    My dad developed a thing for mangoes late in life–they probably didn’t have them during the Depression, so he made up for it those last couple of years, haha.

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