Five Things Growing Up Means to My Toddler

I don’t think my 3.5yo is unique in her impatience to grow up. After all, I’ve been waiting my entire life to learn how to drive, go to college, grow tall enough to reach high shelves (not there yet!), get a real job, get married, have kids … and now I’m waiting for a chance to eat a meal at home in peace, travel when/where I want to, retire…. But I digress.

The point is, aren’t we all anxious to get to the next step in life?

Hilariously, though, my daughter’s life goals don’t always match up to the norm. So what does growing up mean to my silly girl?

  1. Being able to eat more bacon! Yes, this is tops, I think. We cook bacon when we make pancakes or french toast (breakfast for dinner – my favorite nights!), but we limit her bacon intake. We used to give her only half a slice, then a whole slice, now – gulp – she’s allowed 1.5 slices. And she would probably eat another two slices if we let her! In the interest of her arteries, we are ramping her up slowly. I think she’s eating plenty for now. But when she’s 10? 15? 18? More bacon!!!
  2. Painting her nails and toenails more often than for just special occasions. Call me overprotective, but I only paint her nails for events like Christmas, her birthday, Easter, etc. There are chemicals in that polish that I don’t want seeping into her thin little skin every day of her life! I was told not to paint my nails when I was pregnant, so why smother her in chemicals 24/7 now? But I’m sure as she ages, all bets will be off….


    Mother-daughter Christmas nails! (Supervised by Tiny Ariel.)

  3. Going to high school. Yes, high school. You know, that stage in life a lot of people dread, cry during, and look back at much less than fondly. (Actually I enjoyed high school, but I’m weird like that – and I wasn’t even popular.) See, we pass the high school on the way to the library and her preschool, and I must’ve made it sound exotic at some point; she’s obsessed with it! Either that or I just said it’s a place you go when you’re taller – and she wants to be taller …
  4. … like everyone else! Being about 2-2.5′ taller is the light at the bottom of her tunnel slide. Ever since she was a baby, I’ve been putting things she can’t touch out of her reach on high furniture and shelves. How frustrating! How mean of me! Baby is now feeling the frustration (and boy does she scream when I do!) If only she could reach everything, she could control the universe, I’m pretty sure she thinks.
  5. Wearing tights every day. By tights I mean mostly the thin kind, like nylons. You know, the things most women dislike wearing? Tough to put on, endlessly clingy, impossible to keep from running? My very girly daughter only wears pants because she needs to stay warmer in winter; if we stay home she wears tights and a dress. (And a tutu.) I might understand this obsession if she could pull them on without help, but she can’t. And actually this is good, because then she can’t wear them on school days – because needs to get her clothes on and off by herself for bathroom time … and this way she’s forced to wear warmed clothes for winter!

What does growing up mean to your kids?


14 thoughts on “Five Things Growing Up Means to My Toddler

  1. My two oldest love nail polish, but the 2.5 year old only gets it on her toes because she still puts her fingers in her mouth.

    For the 4 year old, growing means going to kindergarten (he’s so eager to start), going to bed later (yup, he still goes down at 7:30pm) and driving a tractor trailer

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    • Oh yeah, how could i forget that’s the main reason we’re not letting her paint her nails? Both girls suck their thumbs, ugh, but the 3.5yo only at night when she thinks we don’t know it goes on. I hate that they do that, don’t you??

      Driving a tractor trailer – I love it!!!!!


  2. Oh, nail polish makes me so frustrated! I wont wear it (chemicals, bleh) but I used to love it and still daydream. Actually, though, there is a brand that is supposedly natural…it’s called Piggie Paint and it’s marketed for little girls. 🙂
    Haha, i love the whole bacon thing!!

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      • LOL! You’re bad. 😛
        Have you tried Jamberry nail wraps before? They’re a nice alternative to polish, but they are expensive and I don’t LOVE the way my nails feel afterward.


        • No, I haven’t. I’ve seen them, but never really wanted to try them. I like something more temporary! I tend to take off my polish within a week because it always feels so heavy on my hands. I guess I’m not a girly girl after all!! 😀

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