Sweet Memories Friday: Those Carefree Days of Toddlerhood

So I, as usual, was having a hard time coming up with something sweet to talk about this Friday. Even in a sarcastic sense, nothing was coming to mind. I think I’ve just been in an endless cycle of shoveling snow, feeling cooped up, dealing with whining, and answering more questions in a week than a university professor does an entire semester.

(And this is, mind you, a week which included two days with my husband home from work on account of the snow!)

But pushing irritation aside, I realized there is something wonderful happening around Toddler these days. 

She is blissfully, lovingly carefree in everything she does and says. There is no filter in any of it, and it’s such a blessing. Soon enough she’ll learn to curb her words and movements – no talking about private family matters in public, no wild dancing in the middle of Target. You know. But for now she does as she pleases – within the boundaries we’ve set up for our household regarding simple manners, chores, safety, and kindness.

It’s a feeling few of us have as adults. Maybe few of us truly remember the feeling.

Perhaps that’s way I’ve been slow to see this as Toddler’s place in life right now – and why I often fail to appreciate it. What I mistake as circuitous paths, literally around the house and metaphorically in what she does, is her gentle way of exploring and freeform way to have fun. My sometimes rigid sense of order and efficiency is bristled against most hours of the day as I impatiently wait for her to…

  • finish a task
  • pick out a book
  • decide which path she’ll take to walk from the backyard to the front yard
  • lay her Barbies on pillows for their “sleepover”
  • pick her way through a meal
  • finish her meandering “why” questions as we read a book
  • etc.

She’s only three-and-a-half, for God’s sake. Get a grip, mama, I’ve recently found myself saying. Loosen up!


I rarely post a photo of my girls’ faces out of respect for their privacy, but I’ll make an exception today for my little bundled beauty.

As I watched her play in the – deep! – snowfall this week … which largely included plopping down after a sledding session to eat generous portions of snow (I swear this is her favorite snowy activity), I finally saw her doing what she does best.


No rules – yet. No inhibitions – yet. No defenses or barriers – yet. No worries about what other people really think – yet. Just playing, finding ways to have fun, using her imagination, and living her dreams.

One snowflake at a time.

One very slow snowflake at a time.

As I struggle to stop my foot from tapping, I’m learning to let myself let this happen. Soon enough she’ll feel pressure from the clock or elsewhere, so for now I’ll let it be – to quote her favorite band.

Have a good weekend, all!


12 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: Those Carefree Days of Toddlerhood

  1. It’s so easy to get caught up in our grown up world that it’s often hard to appreciate our kids’ ability to live in the moment. I too have been finding myself getting frustrated with the toddler and 4 year old (why oh why does he have to keep asking question all the time when I’m reading a story of his choosing?). I needed this post, it puts things in perspective! Your daughter looks adorable, such a star with her sunglasses! (Incidentally, my toddler’s favourite activity whist out in the snow is also to find a nice spot to plop down into and eat snow).

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    • True, right? I always think/say I’m a kid at heart, but having kids shows me what an old fuddy-duddy I really am becoming. :/ I totally hear you about the questions while reading – some days I feel like we can’t get through one book! Sigh. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed this post.

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  2. That period when they are truly themselves and don’t give a rat’s behind about what others thinks really is something special. Thanks for pointing that out, as I hadn’t given it much thought before.

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  3. I just reread this beautifully written post. It had my mind wandering away, wondering what I did way back then when life was carefree and stretched forever. When each flower, acorn, pine cone or dandelion would have me off in a wonderful make believe world. Maybe that’s the ticket to enjoying life now, sitting back and letting it all come forward to you, not running towards it.

    And I say all this knowing I’m ADD and can’t sit still for five minutes. Lessons my dear, such good lessons I learn from you!

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  4. Here’s to just “being”! My daughters are both wild women who run with the wolves (or through the aisles of target, as it may be!). It’s hard to balance daily logistics, time constraints and pure, unadulterated “being.” But I’m trying!

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