What We Overspend on For Kids

I had an epiphany a few weeks ago, and it was bolstered a few minutes ago as I put away some clean kiddie cups (more in a moment). Baby’s pediatrician recommended I try feeding her Cream of Wheat (I’ve been having trouble getting her enough milk and carbs) … so I bought a box.

What is Cream of Wheat? Lemme tell you straight – it is 100% just baby cereal in adult packaging, priced normally. So … basically for the second six months of both my girls’ lives I overpaid handily for their teeny containers of Gerber rice and oat cereals.

Cute and tiny baby, cute and tiny packaging, not cute and not tiny price.


It made me think of everything else we parents overpay for. Let me start with today’s haul of cups (and I forgot one!):


Bottoms up!

Am I running a small cafe or just trying to get my kids to drink more? You decide.

To be fair, I’m trying to get Baby to drink milk out of a – any – cup. She, at nearly 14m, refuses milk out of anything other than her bottle, and she must have it warm (bordering on hot). *Aside, Toddler refused a bottle and went straight to a straw cup at 9m, so I’m at a loss here. Kids, be the same for mommy!*

So what do I think we’re snookered into buying?

  • baby cereals
  • millions of baby cups – just buy one or two and try it til they use it!
  • anything from Buy Buy Baby (I could kick myself for not comparison shopping the first time around!)
  • regular batteries…. Is it too late to invest in rechargeables? No!!!
  • store-bought baby food pouches (homemade pouches are THE way to go! I spoke of these Choomee pouches before – so worth it!)
  • brand-new, full-priced clothes … with the rate these kiddos grow, there is zero sense in not borrowing hand-me-downs (no shame here! we have a big circle of sharing!) or at least catching a sale (15% minimum, but I try for clearance … I wish I were organized enough to buy only end-of-season clearance for the next year’s needs)
  • baby blenders … I didn’t fall for this glorified, miniaturized adult blender, thank God
  • baby detergent (i.e. Dreft) … With all the big brands making “free and clear” versions now, how is Dreft not out of business??

Do you agree with me? What can you add to the list?

And … am I the only one with nine different kiddie cups??


15 thoughts on “What We Overspend on For Kids

  1. OMGoodness! In my day…see how old I’ve suddenly become?, I wasted so much money on baby food jars and jars and jars! I had my father-in-law collecting them for nails and screws! He had a wall of very expensive containers! Then I finally started blending my own food, most times what we were eating at the same time. Meat, potatoes and veggies, zoom! all in one big bowl. I never thought much about giving her each item at a time. We Mothers get sucked into so many ‘must have’ stuff.

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    • Those jars are really useful, I can’t argue that… But it’s so easy to make our own food. I did buy a few Gerber containers for baby #2, but only for traveling or foods that weren’t in season. I learned the blending trick from you, so thank you!


  2. I agree with the baby food in jars. With the amount my kid has always eaten, it was impractical. Even when we were living in a hotel, I bought a blender and some Tupperware and made it myself. And I almost never buy full-price clothes. It seems like whenever I do, he grows out of it immediately. I feel so lucky that his cousin is exactly two years older and we get all his clothes.

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  3. We have so many cups for the kids. Sippy cups, regular cups, cups with straws, plastic cups. It’s insane. I think I could go for a good two weeks without washing any of their cups before running out. We went the BLW route for solids, so thankfully we’ve never had to deal with baby blenders or overpriced baby food in jars.

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    • That was so smart… BLW is smart on many levels.
      Too bad we can’t really donate these cups, right? I notice after awhile that the plastic clouds a bit. Maybe it’s from dishwashing, I don’t know. I can’t wait til the kids drink out of adult glasses!


    • Yes, try it! You can make it with milk and water (or formula and water if you have/want). I would add some pureed fruits (thawed berries from the freezer!) or even mashed avocado. My baby never liked rice cereal either, but loved the oats. That was fine with me because of the arsenic concerns regarding rice…. Good luck!


  4. This is so accurate! I think we’ve bought so many pacifiers (only because our son liked ONE brand and kept losing them)
    I have learned that there are things (like baby blenders) that I don’t need to buy because I can use a regular blender instead. I used to also buy so many sippy cups, and baby clothes, but they are all so cute it’s hard not to! I just tossed so many sippy cups though because some pieces were molding. I have learned the difference between what they NEED and what I WANT to buy.

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